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Amazon delivery

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So this isn't even a rant or a vent, just a sad delusion.

I get home from work today and SO tells me that SD13 told him that BM wanted to get her some school stuff. So I say like clothes or something? He says no pens and pencils. (We have bought them everything already. They start Tuesday) 

He tells me that SD told him this on maybe Tues/wed. He didn't tell me when SD told him but whatever. So he was thinking that BM was going to pick SD up at some point this week and take her out. Nope, BM bought them on amazon and had them shipped to our house. She couldn't have spent more then $20 dollars. 

As a reminder, she lives 10 minutes away. She hasn't taken SD out since August of last year. She took SD last summer to get her nails done a few times and come to find SD had to pay for her own nails twice so BM was her Uber driver pretty much. BM attend her basketball games this winter but, still missed 3 of them and lied about why she didn't come to her playoff game. "She didn't get the email" texted SD the next day about it. 


So, I say to SO are you f'n kidding me?! She had it shipped here? I just say she's such a loserrrrr. I say to SO, do you honestly think she thinks she's a good mother? (We have had these conversations plenty of times but I always ask when need fit) He says, YES! She does. 

I just shake my head.. I said I bet her and her husband went away for the long weekend maybe why amazon was the better option or she wasn't planning on taken her anyways.


The fact that BM in her delusional mind set thinks she is actually a good mom is insane to me. She barely sees them, doesn't contribute financially, (I don't consider bday, Xmas, or $20 on pens and pencils as contributing) no doctor visits,  nothing. She texts them and a phone calls once and while. SO, goes i didn't really want her coming here but, it's f'ed she didn't take her. I just shrug my shoulders. 

Then he wonders why I get mad when he answers her calls LOLL. 


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I send my nephews gifts from amazon, they live on different continents to me. Sometimes I talk to them on facetime. Does that make me their mother??? 

This woman sounds pathetic. Wants to look good, but doesn't want any of the effort. 

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Refuse the delivery. Dump him.

Find a man without brats that wants babies with you. You are wasting what is left of your fertility on this stupid a$$hole 


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We raised Spawn and Meth Mouth had the nerve to tell her one time that she payed for all of Spawns stuff.  That tw@t never spent a dime on Spawn.  I took her to her get ears pierced twice, bought her her fist bra, was there with her for her first period, bought her clothes, took her to get her nails done, bought her dresses for every dance...etc.  You get the picture and Meth Mouth had the gall to claim she paid for and did it all.  Sadly Spawn believes that it's all because of Meth as an adult Spawn has nothing and I'm sure she's wondering why Meth Mouth doesn't provide for her the way she did when she was growing up.

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Thankfully SD and SS15 see pretty much everything for what it is. SS17 a different story. He is BM. 

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That pisses me off to no end. Our BM was always telling SS10 that she bought things for him when DH was paying for 85% of it all. Finally I lost it one day and said "you think your mom could afford all this herself? No, if something costs $100 she only pays for $15 and your Dad pays for $85." He kept acting as though the things he brought from school needed to go to her place because she'd bought them. We haven't had a problem with those types of items since. 

I can't imagine how frustrating it was for you when all the good you did ended up taking being credited to someone else. 

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Like I said SD, and SS15 know. They know what I/SO do for them and BM doesn't contribute anything. SD has stated this herself. We don't bash BM though in anyway. She rarely comes up in conversation in our house. 

The only time we pointed something specific out to them was when BM got SD and SS15 iPhones for Xmas in 2017. SS17 at the time was already on my plan and he had one. BM leased the phones. My SO at the time was giving BM $650 a month not court ordered. Well court feb. 2018 hit. When it ended in May 2018 part of the deal was everything was taken over phones by us. Sd and SS15 were still on BMs plan at the time. So in order for me to take over their phones we had to pay the full amount ($1000) for both phones because we have two different carriers. 


SD made a comment few months later saying "this is the most expensive thing mom got us." No SD your mother didn't buy them we did. She was just like oh. (She said that to SO and he explained) That's the one and only time something like where we specifically pointed out to skids that no your mother didn't even pay for those. 

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I feel bad for the kids, they must realixe.

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You can usually see the "look" she is going to copy and morph into as she pins it on Pinterest first.  She did this with the butt implants, and the fake blue eye contacts, and the tattoo.  Then she posts on Instagram her where she morph'd into the Pinterest pin.  Anyway, So I click on her pins and then I can see North Korea's pins.  North Korea's is called SD19's name "woredrobe".  She can't even spell wardrobe.  It's nothing but the trashiest of trash.  There were no folders for say career goals for SD19 or anything healthy.  That made me think back of an argument I had with DD6's dad many, many times.  I would ask him if he thought North Korea was a good mother and he would say yes because she made them drink lots of water and take health supplements.  A few days ago, I had a facebook memory from like 8 years ago pop up where I had take my then three littles and SD who was like 9 or 10 to this labor day fest and they are all playing and hula hooping. She was so normal back then.  She was just a kid wearing glasses.  Then when I was reading Evil3's blog about her SD31 and when she mentioned how her SD is like this empty shell that has to be filled all the time with attention and adulation it occured to me, that's basically what my SD19 is now.  She can't even take just a regular selfie and post on social media.  She has to be almost naked in a bathing suit showing off her butt implants in EVERY single photo pretty much these days. I think North Korea turned her into that.  I do.    

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Not exactly the same, but I can understand where you're coming from.

OSS just went off to college. Would you like to know what BM gave him as his graduation gift? A wallet with nothing in it. Her contribution to helping him get set up in the dorms? A bag of chips and a case of water.

That's it. She spent his entire childhood pushing him through rigorous school work so that he could graduate high school with an Associate's degree and a 4.0 GPA only to offer the most lackluster gifts AND help him exactly none (minus filling out FAFSA late) in actually preparing to go off to school. AND she hasn't contacted him since he got there to make sure he has settled in okay.

It's not about the lack of money spent. It's the doing things to make themselves look good to others. Doesn't have time to do FAFSA, but has time to go do senior pictures where SHE'S IN HALF OF THEM. Can't sit down with him to make a list of items he needs to buy for his dorm, but can sit down to plot out some weird day trip with her, DH, and OSS to go do some expensive, fun adventure for OSS's birthday (that OSS doesn't really care about doing, and DH would likely pay for).

It's not about the time or money spent. It's about the actions themselves. What were the reasons for the actions, and are the actions helpful or self-fulfilling? A wallet, or in your case pens and pencils, is nice, but in the grand scheme of things, that's not what is needed! And, they are gifted to check a box for the parent, not the child.

Our BMs can blow themselves.

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When the boys made their confirmations BM came to them. Just her. Her husband doesn't really participate in anything that has to do with them. 

Now, BM had nothing to do with them making confirmation. When we were going through court (only time she had them on weekday)  she didn't bring them to CCD because she "didn't believe" SO had to talk to the church and explain what was going on to get SS17 (he was making his that year) to able to be confirmed even though he was missing class. 

SO had them in CCD after their separation so she literally had zero to do with it. 

She give them anything for their years of going through this?? Nope. Sure she posted on Facebook about "oh look at my baby"  


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Please tell me he doesn't have to pay BM anymore.  Why doesn't he go after child support?

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NO!! BM was only "fighting" for 50/50 because she thought SO was going to go after her for CS. When BM realized SO wasn't she was like oh ok! Sat/sun EOWE. Which turned into her not taking them at all. 

SO didnt want anything from her. That would have cost more in court then what he would have gotten. She would maybe have to give him $50 a week given both their incomes. He was already paying for everything so it didn't make a difference.