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A time machine would be nice

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I’d go back and not become a step-parent. I never knew it could hurt so badly to be told anything, sticks and stones, but every day it just destroys my soul to be told in a hundred ways how much I don’t matter at all by people I’ve loved so much and given everything for.


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I'm not big on regrets or do-overs. But, for once, I do wish I could go back and not buy the house with my stbX. I think owning the house together probably prolonged our relationship by a couple years. :/

Or maybe it was good everything happened the way it did. If I hadn't bought the house with him, I could have been fooled for years about some key aspects of his personality/character: financial mindset, parenting and priorities. Owning the house probably exposed those issues more rapidly.

So, I'm back to no regrets and no time machines. LOL

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I understand how hurtful it can be and in knowing this I've made the necessary changes to make it where I do not allow that to happen, meaning disengagement. Get those feelings out and once you do, brush yourself off, and start loving and doing YOU.

I try not to have regrets but if I could do anything different it would be not to invest so much of my time and energy into someone that never appreciated it in the the 1st place. Lesson learned!

Now dust yourself off, keep your head up, and take care of you!

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I've thought the exact same thing but the bottom line is that there are now time machines and you can't go back, only foward. The past can't be changed but the future is a unwritten page, and you are the author, you decide what happens next (even if it doesn't feel like it) I would love to go back and tell my younger self to steer clear of DW because of her kids , I would also go back and tell my younger self alot of things but he was kind of a butt head so I'm sure he wouldn't listen to a word I said lol