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Mad I won’t watch his daughter

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So my boyfriend is upset that I stood my ground and said I didn't want to watch his daughter Saturday while he drops off a gift for his friend/boss. He says that I'm being controlling because I told him he has responsibilities here that he needs to take care of not to go hang out at his friend/bosses house when he doesn't have to work. I already watch sd10 Monday-Friday while he is at work and last weekend he took advantage and stayed extra long at his bosses to have some drinks with him. I was furious because when I checked in with him he said he didn't think he'd be home in time for dinner for but didn't tell me it was to chill not work. So I put his daughter to bed fed her watched a movie with her etc. Then Saturday he says he had to go to work...he doesn't work saturdays normally then says well actually if he's being honest his boss will probably want to hang out again and have drinks. He works at his bosses house so they are all technically kind of quarantined together during the day on weekdays and he's home by dinner normally. I told him that was the last time Id watch her for home to go chill because it's not my responsibility and he needs to be spending time with her and taking care of his own daughter and he said thank you and acted like he got it. Then randomly today tries to casually say yea I'm going to my bosses saturday for his birthday I'm like huh? We just had this convo. What an asshole. He completely takes advantage and just does whatever the fuck he wants and acts like because I live here he can just leave his daughter here with me. Like no that's not my responsibility to take care of her. He's pissed and not speaking to me now. He says I'm negative and he doesn't enjoy being around me. Like really? Cuz yesterday we hung out all night and you seemed real happy then but I guess when you don't get what you want you turn into a spoiled brat. Pisses me off that I say how I feel and I am being punished. He wants to ignore me and act like I did something wrong because I don't want to watch his daughter. He flips out then says he's not even mad. Whatever.


Needed to vent! Anyone else deal with crap like this?


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He's behaving like a single man.  My son in law used to do this kind of thing before my daughter divorced him.  I just read your biog and it says you have a baby on the way?   Sorry to say, but in my opinion this PITA is not a good choice for the father of your child, and in your place I'd be making exit plans. 

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I'm not in this situation but if I was my DH will just have to be mad at me Monday - Friday. He's not listening to your words, maybe he will your actions. He clearly doesn't appreciate your help. That's all I have.

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Two solutions:

  1. He takes his daughter with him when he goes to his boss's "birthday" (what? He doesn't know you have a daughter? Great time to let him find out. What? Are you ashamed of her or something?)
  2. You are up and out of the house on Saturday morning before he gets up.

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3. if left with child when you did not expressly agree to it take the child to her mother's house or to one of her other relative's houses and then go and enjoy your day. 

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Why not just leave every morning before he goes to work? Let him scramble for places to put his daughter. You're right. He's taking advantage of you. 

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Last weekend he took advantage of you? Sounds like he takes advantage of you all the time.

What's his plan if you can't watch her? You could be working, sick, gone.......

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Yes, but my DH is a lot more respectful.  He asks first, doesn't lie about it, and lets me know when he expects to be home.  If I say no, because I have XYZ going on, he may be disappointed, but he doesn't lash out.  This is not every weekend either, maybe once a month.  I encourage it, because he works pretty hard, and he should be able to enjoy some off time.  Just like he lets me enjoy an occasional girls night out.