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oh the hypocrisy

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so, even though i know i shouldn't, i took a little peek at bb's myspace page today. she has a blog titled 'tips for separated parents' and within that blog are links to how to cooperate with your ex. OMG. are you freaking kidding me???!!! does she actually believe that we are the bad guys? i just don't understand if she is insane or if she is enjoying playing the hypocrite just to get me riled up. what do you all think? i mean, this is the woman who struck me in front of her kids, who stalked us in a skeleton mask at dh's halloween concert (and videotaped us having fun), and who has lied about absolutely everything to keep dh from sd. and she thinks it's because dh is a sorry dad??!!! i just don't get it. i need some input...
p.s. should i say something to her about this? stupid question, i know, but sometimes i just hope that a simple conversation could 'make it all better.' i know it would make me feel better...


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I dont think that it is a stupid question, but I know how you feel. My fiances ex sits outside of our house in different cars, taking pictures with her cellphone!!!!!!!

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If it makes you feel any better, husband's ex and her new husband cornered us at SS's soccer tournament and made the kids watch "our discussion." Both kids got to see their mom and step dad accuse us of every name in the book--the boys even got to witness their stepdad telling me how WE should have announced my pregnancy. (Picture a big cop, 200 pound plus pointing his finger in my face)

We're talking name calling and screaming fest from her and him--but of course...they did this in front of the kids because we're "liars" and the kids should know that because their trying to "parent" them the right and honest way. THIS crap coming from two people who had CPS arrive at summer camp and their house...

Takes all kinds. Glad I found this board!

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Isn't it funny how these women can literally convince themselves that they are the victim? How well they can play the role too!

I too am tempted all too often into taking a peek into bm's life and it never ceases to amaze me how this crazy bi**h tries to portray herself as this innocent little flower who does absolutely NOTHING wrong and her ex and his big bad wife do EVERYTHING wrong.

It upsets me too and I have to force myself NOT to look into her life because it will only upset me.

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She is obviously delusional...and there will be NO telling her different. I am sure if you mention that you were on her myspace page, she would SOMEHOW turn it into YOU WERE STALKING HER or harrassing her or whatever. I would just let it go. YOU know the truth, you know she is a hypocryt. WHATEVER she is crazy. I wouldn't even mess with it.

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i know you are right. and i love you all for it.

always forgive your enemies, nothing annoys them so much.