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listen to this stalker shit

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okay, so dh is in a band and friday night we had a halloween party at one of these small bars we like to frequent. we were all in costume and having a great time, when, around 12:30 a.m., dh calls me up to the stage. he said that bb and her crazy toothless bf just walked out of the bar. i was like who, what? i mean, here i am having a damn good time (as a french maid, mind you) that the LAST person i wanted to think about was crazy bb.
so me and my two best friends run out the door and of course they are gone. i am pretty sure i started screaming something threateningly, lol, but not sure. so we go back in, continue to have a good time, and forget about it til the next day. dh wakes up and says i figured it out. bb's bf was videotaping me, for like two hours, he said. they were in matching black robes and skeleton masks. and what is freaking hilarious and obviously a godsend is the fact that i NEVER saw them, not once, or if i did i didn't stop to make a mental picture. i am not always the most obvservant, plus all my friends were there and i wasn't interested in any masked weirdos.'s toothless man was taping dh sing and play, for like two hours. he said he thought it was weird but we've had people tape before, and like i said, who would have thought that they would have nothing else in the world to do on a friday night during halloween. but anywho, back to the craziness, so after they finished taping, they took off their masks and went to leave, except bb waited at the door for dh to see here, for like 30 seconds since he was singing, then took off.
of course, hindsight is 20/20 but dh said he should have quit singing and followed them out. so the bottom line is that once again bb is trying to label us as alcoholics and that we live crazy or something, who knows. it is just freaking ridiculous, and a little freaky. dh wants to get a restraining order, and i don't blame him. i want one too. it's just so incredibly sad!!!!!! and what is hilarious is that the judge is in a band also, and not to mention that dh and i have no kids, so where were her two kids when she was out 1.5 hours away from home, crashing our party!!! can you tell i am just so aggravated!!! breathe, breathe...
so dh has counseling in another week, this session is individual, so he will tell him all about this weekend. and surely the judge will see that to continue counseling would be pointless. dh doesn't feel safe!!!! it's freaking insane to be doing this kind of shit 8 years after being together. and how spineless is her bf??? 'hey, toothless darling, let's go spy on my ex and his wife from 8 years ago, let's buy some customes, hehehehe...' HOW FREAKING PATHETIC.


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That is very bizzare, and the whole time I was reading this I was wondering WHERE ARE THE KIDS? Then to read that the bar is 1.5 hours away from her house. WTF? She gets a babysitter so she can stalk you? Probably a good thing you didn't see them. Who knows how they would be editing that film to make you look bad.

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It's Better To Have Loved And Lost, Than To Have Spent The Rest Of My Life With THAT PSYCHO!!!!