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OSS Got Accepted into College!

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I'm very happy for the kid, and very happy that it was his top pick school. Also happy that it is about 90 minutes away from BM so OSS won't feel pressured to live with her and help with the bills.

He says he is going to apply to other schools, too. Those are out-of-state, and unless he gets a full-ride scholarship, it won't be affordable. He gets free in-state tuition due to DH's disabled veteran status, and DH has made it clear that he's not helping pay tuition to out-of-state or private schools when there are state schools that offer the same programs.

Overall, though, this is a big accomplishment for him. Just wanted to share some good news for once!


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That's great!  First pick and far enough away that he can establish his own life, and his tuition is covered!  Woooo! 

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P.S.  I would also like to congratulate you and DH for keeping him on track and providing the support and guidance for him to achieve this.  It's not always easy in steplife.

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Congratulations to OSS for his acceptance.

Congratulations to Dad for making the correct financial decision and stating it clearly to his son.

Since he is sending out other applications, when the acceptances arrive, someone (aka dad) needs to sit down with him and he sure he doesn't fall into a loan trap. Prospective students don't always see the future financial picture clearly.

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Yes, that's going to have to happen. My guess is that DH is going to have to help both OSS and BM fill out FAFSA forms. I wouldn't trust BM to do it right.

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Not sure what state you live in, but my boys have the same educational opportunities with DH'S disability and service. Check with the may be eligible for VA ed benefits.