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did he get hit by a METEOR?????

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Did someone replace my FH with the one I wanted???

First thing this am he sends me a text titled New Beginnings..and than just I love you.

Than he sends me an email telling me that (all of a sudden?) he sees that "BM is doing everything she can to cause drama and break us up and that will never happen and that he sent her an email stating that she needs to realize that he wants nothing to do with her except for their son and the games she is playing are immature and will NEVER break us up.

So about an hour or so later she stopped by his job because she "Said" that SS2 was crying for him. He wasn't tehre so she called him from his job. He immediately sent me a long text telling me that she called him from his job to talk to their son..

ALSO..this morning he told me to get the invited for SS5 bday and he will order the cake and on Sunday we will go out and get all the decorations.

I'm in shock..damn..if ONE lecture from his mom changed him like this..maybe his mom should get her own talk show or something.


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lol, im sooooooooo happy these big rain clouds have cleared for you!!! i hope he keeps it up! i think some men just dont realize that you actually will leave. hopefully once he draws boundaries with bm your trust issues will improve and also all the other things!!!

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Congrats!!! I hope he continues on this path.

Anyone can take the easy way out and blame others. BUT it takes a a person of character to take a look at one's self and actions and own responsibility for their part. ~ ME ~ }:-P

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No way!!! it might just be a break in the clouds..I'm old enough now to know people don't just change overnight but this is a good start and I also enforced MY responsibility..instead of saying anything nasty about BM..I told him "aww..that was sweet SS must miss you...thank you for telling me"

"He grew up in my heart, not my belly"

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Stay strong girl and now you are in the perfect place to do what you need to do...

Keep enforcing your rights

Know that you have OPTIONS

Good luck!!