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OT - when decorating is more important...

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I like my boss. Truly.

But when we're in the middle of going over the BUDGET, it's annoying AF when she allows constant interruptions from someone over the size of the freakin' elf feet for office decorations. SMDH.

Is it beer-thirty yet???


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Makes me think of the movie elf and Wills character. Is Buddy actually in your office right now? Blum 3

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Wine-thirty it is! Actually, I'd prefer a glass of wine. A sassy Cab would be nice. May I suggest some Carnivor? Easy on the wallet, tasty on the tongue!!!

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This year, HR declared that each department has to make a wreath and affix it to the main entry door of each department. HR and the Court Executives will come by and judge each wreath.

No one in my department is crafty, nor wants to participate. I keep threatening to bring in my very special wreath that my dear friend's late husband made for me.....can you guess what it's made out of??

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My apologies if I'm way, way off base, but it sort of looks like it was made out of tampons that had been spread open.

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You are correct!!!

So, my friend and her late husband belonged to a book club. Every year at the Christmas party, they would be assigned an every day object that they had to use to create a Christmas item. One year, the theme was tampons.

My friend made a tampon angel - it is absolutely adorable! Her husband went all out and made a wreath. Dyed the tampons green, painted them green, found a wire base, bought the poinsettas and bows, the whole nine yards!

Needless to say, he won that year. I begged him every year to make a tampon wreath for me, but he never got around to it. He died in November of last year. When I went to my friend's house a week or so after the funeral, she handed me a box. Her husband had made me a wreath and it was supposed to my Christmas gift, but of course, he wasn't able to give it to me.

I love that damn tampon wreath Smile

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WOB, that's pretty and freaking hilarious!! I'm sure you treasure yet gift. BTW, I want to see a tampon angel.

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I will ask her to send me a picture of tampon angel. Her daughter had it worked into her bridal bouquet at my suggestion Smile

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doooo itttt. doooooooo iiiitttttttt. DOOOOOOOO IIIIITTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!

ps - what a treasured gift from him, and regardless of the materials used it is just beautiful <3

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My boss is as disinterested with office decorations as I am but we always participate in a tree contest. I HATE it. But I do it because we have to "keep up appearances."

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I have plenty of tampons and no longer need them every month. However, I think tampon angels would be too bloody nice for the skids. }:)