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OT- Update on DD and COVID vaccine

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Her dad and SM convinced her! I can't believe it!

She is getting her first shot tomorrow. Talk about a relief. 

My mom has been fighting cancer and she and my mom are very close. Chemo and radiation are done but she just found 2 more lumps in the other side, even though she had a double mastectomy. This is a scary time for many reasons, so this is a huge relief. I can't believe they did it! 



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So very sorry to hear about your mom, sending out positive healing vibes her way. Also glad to hear your daughter is doing this. My BD15 was scared at first and then was fine, her routine vaccine for menangitis was worse than the Covid vax.

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Be sure to tell DD you're proud of her for doing the right thing. If she will be in your home, pamper her if she has unpleasant side effects.

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Every vaccine taken is a step towards ridding us of this shit storm called covid.

Sorry about your mom. Blessings lady

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And I'll be sending positive thoughts to for your mom.  U do have alit on your plate right now.

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I'm glad her dad and SM could help her with this.  Sounds like they gave her an way to change her mind without losing face.  I wonder if it was by appealing about the health of their younger kids (correct me if I'm wrong but I got the impression that they were under 12).  Her internal narrative could be: I'm still anti but I'm making the ultimate sacrifice for the sake of my half siblings.

But anyway, the reason doesn't matter as much as the result.

Fingers crossed she doesn't have any reactions to the 1st shot.  I had AZ and was sick for 24hrs.  It made me dread the 2nd shot but it turned out to be fine.

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I know that was part of the argument from their side. She has an almost 1 yr old and a 6 yr old brother there. 


My 2nd one knocked me on my butt for about 24 hrs, but I am still SO glad I got it!