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Hey there! It's been a while!

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Things are just moving along here. Bios are doing great, getting ready for school. SS22 (autistic) is taking drivers training and is excited for the potential of getting his driver's license. DH is doing good at his new command. He seems to like his new position and I'm happy that he is where he should be career wise. Not looking forward to his deployment/underways that will  be starting sooner than later, but we will be fine. I have lived this life before.

I'm running a little rough, I had gastric sleeve surgery and have had a hard time healing. The good news is I am 1/2 way to my goal weight at 5 weeks out! I am just waiting for the energy boost that everyone claims happens and the nausea to end! 

So things have been quiet on the SS17 front. DH hasn't heard from him in over a year with the exception of spring break when it was a single text the day before the flight of "I'm not coming". 

We haven't heard from the lawyer on contempt, settling the 32K that BM thinks she is owed, nothing. I am sitting here wondering if I should call our lawyer or not to try and push a hearing date again or just let it go. SS will be 18 in 7 weeks, he still has his Sr. year of HS but DH will be gone for most of that and pretty much the year after that. So do we just let this ride out with the soldiers and sailors act and not have that hearing for years and maybe it will go away or do I push for a resolution before DH goes? Decisions, decisions...


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Wow - good stuff and hopefully good pending things!

BTW:  My SIL let us know that her SO just settled with his CRAZY ex and he's DONE with her.  He was so so happy when we saw them last week.

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Good job on the weight loss! I had a sleeve done 8 years ago and I still can't look at a protein drink without gagging! You can do this! You'll find the food that works for you over time!

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Congrats glad the surgery was a success and you are seeing such amazing results.  As for court are they compounding interest daily on the back CS?  If they are then yeah you need to get the nipped in the bud fast.

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No, thankfully. The only "order" we have is a court suggestion based on BM not having any income, which is untrue. We are paying the "suggested" amount to look good in court but there has been nothing decided on arrearages or if she is even owed any since she is basing it off of not working, which she is. 

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Im trying to lose. 10 down 30 to go...

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Too fast, too soon Biggrin