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Completely OT but if you want a crazy story

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I had a friend in high school who was a couple of years older than me. He was like a big brother. Nothing ever even remotely romantic. We were close for a few years after but life happened and by the time I graduated we lost touch. So I had not seen him in 20 years when DH and I moved into our rented house together. I was so excited when I found out we were neighbors! Plus our son's were the same age and instant best friends. I thought, how great! We have family friends 2 doors down- cook outs, wine on the porch, this will be great!

Well, he was really distant and his wife really didn't make an effort other than to tell me how much they loved my son, and I would do the same with her. I just figured they either weren't the social types or his wife didn't want him have a female friend. Either way, totally get it. No pressure! In the 3 years we lived in that house we never did more than the 30 second- "Hi, how are you?" passing each other in the neighborhood thing. 

The weekend before Thanksgiving, as I have a moving truck in the driveway, I am outside and he pulls into the drive. I ask if he is ok and he tells me he left his wife for his DOMINATRIX. Yep... I have not talked to this dude about more than the weather in 23 years but sure, that's how we start! 

Long story short, he works for a ship builder and traveled to Seattle 2 years ago. He met a chick they had an affair. His wife found out and forgave him. Welp, the chick he cheated with husband is in the Navy and they just got stationed here. The affair started back but her husband is ok with it because it is just dominatrix stuff- no sex. (mmmmmK???) The old friend's wife found out that things started back and threw him out. I told him to get a lawyer since they have 2 kids. To keep the kids out of the drama and focus on the relationship with him. 

WELL... the wife called me and asked if I had been talking to her husband. I said yes and I told her that I want nothing to do with their issues and that my only concern was for their kids, because of the things I have been through and that my son is so close to her's and I want to make sure that they are ok. She was fine with that but I have become her divorce negotiation sounding board- I do bring her back to reasonable often but wow... remind me to off DH if we ever split. I am not going through another divorce!!!

ANYWAY... the plot thickens! Remember that the dominatrix's husband is in the Navy?? Guess who he works with- DIRECTLY on the same ship?? MY DH! Guess who is going to a formal event tonight for the ship and will be seated at the table with the dominatrix homewrecker??  >>> THIS CHICK<<<

I hope I have just the right amount of alcohol where I don't say something stupid but am not a total bitch to her either! Lord help me! 


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They both are. I have no respect for people that go after married people. I have less than no respect for cheaters. 

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If she is a dominatrix, then it's a business. It would be similar to going to a spa and getting a massage. It's just not a socially accepted "spa" treatment even though it can provide the same relief. And it doesn't necessarily involve sex. All because your former friend fell for his dominatrix, or his wife views their interactions as cheating, doesn't mean SHE did something wrong.

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It was an actual affair the 1st time in Seattle. Both spouses forgave. The Dom's husband thinks that it is just friendship. I was told she is the old friend's dominatrix. Who knows what is actually going on! 

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If you don't know what's going on, then I wouldn't slander her as a home wrecker. I'd also stop answering the STBXW's calls. Your DH has to work with the Dom's H, and being military, the last thing either of them needs is a big ol' domestic stink where they think you're in the middle trying to play both sides. I understand your son is good friends with their son, but you can go back to just talking about the weather and let the lot of them sort out their personal business.

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Sleeping with a married man for 2 weeks and then starting up a "friendship" the moment you are in the vicinity with him makes her a major contributing factor especially when the husband's were "I left my wife for my dominatrix".

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I honestly think it was crappy of your "friend" to stir that pot with you. The only thing he had to say was that he and his wife were getting divorced. Sheesh.

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A sneer

A snarl

A whip that stings

These are a few of their favorite things

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Also remember at the end of the day their business has nothing to do with you. This is an interesting story and goodness....isn't this a small world.

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Very true which is why I need to drink just enough to not be disgusted by her but not too much that I actually say something! Especially if she even looks in the direction of my husband (even though he isn't a cheater I don't even want her to look in his direction)!

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~Evil Aniki remembers she needs to oil her whip~ Diablo

Seriously though, I'm often saying that life is made of circles that frequently overlap. That's one hell of an overlap! LMAO

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Why do I suddenly want to go with you?  

I wouldn't be able to help myself. Start of convo about books and tell her you just finished The Mistress Handbook.  




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HA! I am going to try to be my best and not say a word! But now I might have to buy a book...