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BM's lawyer finally responded

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Responded by filing all of the things that BM wanted in the court order that went against the GAL report. The judge specifically ordered that he GAL report "Item's A-G be cut and pasted to create the new order". Of course that didn't happen. Of course she put her own spin on everything including but not limited to:

  • SS should only have to visit DH if it doesn't interfere with his sports
  • JMTB should cease all communication with SS and SS's family
  • She made the facetime calls later (we are a different time zone as it is, DH wakes up at 4 am, it is totally unreasonable of him to be awake at 10 pm to call SS)

Then she left out all the stuff about her needing to set a positive tone for visitation. To encourage the relationship that SS has with his father. That if SS doesn't show up for visitation "That there are potential consequences for that action and such actions would signal to the court that BM has no parental control and placement need to be reexamined." 


So now our lawyer had to file the objection and we are waiting on the next court date, which we are trying to get before Christmas. Yeah right... 

The fact that she wants me to never talk to SS or "SS's family" is such a joke! Like I am not allowed to talk to my in-laws, my own husband, the SS that lives in my home?? Really BM? Really?? The only thing the GAL report says about me is "BM is under the impression that JMTB oversteps, there is no evidence of that, however that is BM's impression." 

Lord help me. Between my daughter's migraine issues and dealing with her neurologist, my son is having more and more panic attacks and asked to go back to his therapist for depression, SS19 driving me up a wall, DH being gone most of last month and this month, buying a new home and moving in a couple of weeks... I just really needed this too, ya know? 

Keep in mind this is the order that was supposed to have been written within 30 days of the hearing back in JUNE! We weren't going to go back to court for anything other than financial compensation for contempt that is still being "taken under advisement" but we really don't have a choice since BM's attorney pulled this Shit. 


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In my case, BM’s lawyer wrote, “A stepmother’s jealousy should not prevent a mother from communicating with her children.” This was part of her “evidence” that she should have 24/7 access to SSs during their visitation weekends. That’s right, they are with us 4 days a month and she must have complete contact with her children at all times! That contact is usually limited to overly dramatic SS telling her how terrible we are after DH actually tries to parent him. He’s constantly “tattling” about how unhappy he is with us. He tells her everything, with his own exaggerations and manipulations added in for good measure. He’s told her that I try to keep him from contacting his mother. Not true, DH took his phone away as punishment several times, but that’s it. Mind you, she only contacts one child, not the other, when he is with us and she contacts him more when he is with us than she does when he is in her custody. It’s a sight to behold.