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Background check

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I don't know why I never thought of this but on one of my facebook pages in a SM group someone said that they paid for a 30 day subscription for background checks- let her know if anyone wanted to search someone.

So, I researched a little found a highly rated site and for $10 I can run background checks for 30 days. Sure enough, found out everything our lawyer claimed he couldn't get proof of. I would think a background check with her employer, dates of employment and corporate email would be proof enough that she is working. It also showed that she tried to start a business late 2018 and lost it in 2020. Bet that was the 2nd location of the marijuana shop she was working at. Now she is doing travel nursing. 

WHY do we pay for attorney's??? The amount of frustration I have had over getting this info is insane. At least I have the current report and if she ever does come back at DH for more CS, I know how to run another. 

In other news, still no word from SS17. So far DH is still saying he isn't buying a plane ticket the couple of times that SS's name has come up. I think we are probably in the clear for Christmas break, I did have my doubts! 


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If you would be comfortable sharing, what information do you need to run background check on someone and what site did you use.

If you aren't comfortable sharing I completely understand and MAN I would be super pissed at lawyer and probably have to call them out on this! 

I hope you are in the clear, but I hope DH does her from SS at some point if it is a positive interaction. 

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Yes. I would definitely call the lawyer out. Most family law practices have a trusted private investigator they can call on to get this information. And the databases that they have available through their licensure is even more detailed. 

I am sorry, the attoney you used really sounds like he is no good and was just bleeding your husband. 

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We know she hasn't been on disability for a while because SS is using DH's health insurance. 

I used

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Watch your credit card, I signed up for a site like this years ago and they signed me up for a monthly fee for protecting my credit report, without my authorization.  I reported them and got my money back but didn't notice right away.


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Your DH's attorney has been bleeding him dry with no good results for a long time.  When DH had to apply for change of custody, we did all the legwork, in hindsight I should have used what you did to make it easier.  We had stacks of paper from police reports, etc to hand over.  The attorney was thrilled, but of course we didn't want to pay for it.  I would SUPER call this attorney out.

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the lawyer so much money that he himself or someone who works for him would run a background check. Definitely should not of been on you or your DH to be running a background check on BM.