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"But they are just kids"

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"Someone is to blame but its not them"

Warning: if your self restraint for hunting down people and jack slapping the stupid out of them is at a low: do not read the article.


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Sickening. Seriously? They're not at fault?!?! They did it! It's their fault. I don't think you can/should lock up a 7 and 9 year old in prison, but they need to be removed from their homes, evaluated, sent to juvi and given some type of their parents expense! Where in the world did they learn such a thing?!?! Obviously, something is going on beind the closed doors of their home/s. Just my two cents.

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I agree...they should be in juvie. They should get intense help both in and out of juvie. And they should be removed from the home and put into a very secure place to help troubled teens after they leave juvie. They should also be warned that if they do this $hit as adults, they will get the book thrown at them and not be treated so nicely, so they'd be well served to take the help they have to get while in and out of juvie and apply it to their lives.

And officials and professionals who are in charge of working with them should see if these people were abused when younger, and start an investigation into that.

Poor little girl.

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What sort of punishment would you suggest? While I think the "someone is to blame but its not them" line is bullshit, having them removed from their home, placed in state care, and treated for their obvious issues sounds like a pretty fair punishment with a chance for rehabilitation. It's not really like we can exterminate them, right?

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Please understand I am not denying at their ages that it is likely 'learned behavior' either someone touching the boys, or their parents not monitoring their internet usage and the boys discovered porn and decided to act it out. (I am heavily leaning towards the latter.)

But at what age does someone become to blame and have to accept responsibility for their actions? At what age do adults, the courts, doctors and therapists stop making exuses for "kids" and start holding them accountable?

At 10? 12? 15?

At 7 and 9: they know right from wrong. They have heard the talks in school about stranger danger, and not letting people touch you "down there".

They lied when questioned about it, indicating they knew they would get in trouble for it thusly, they knew they did something "wrong".

I am just tired in this world of hearing:

They/he/she is only a kid
He/she doesn't know better
He/she didnt mean anything by it
He/she didnt mean to hurt

So at what age should "a kid" be at fault for thier own actions?

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I'd be sitting right next to you at the defendent's table. I don't care who you are or how old you are, if you mess with my kid, I will hunt you down and make you pay.