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Super Model Stepmother

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This is just crazy. I saw this story today on yahoo news and just HAD to share!


Gisele Bundchen, married now to Tom Brady, discusses in her new book how she reacted to the news that Tom was going to be a father and his exgirlfriend Bridget Moynahan was pregant, and this was 2 months into their relationship.



"But Im so grateful for [Bridget]. I know this was hard, but I couldnt imagine my life without [Jack]. I call him my bonus child."

But while the supermodel might be saying that now, this wasnt always the case. Things were tough when Jack was still a toddler and Gisele made public statements which made her sound possesive, says the New York Post.

In 2009, Bundchen said that she was claiming Jack was "100%" hers. Its not like because somebody else delivered him, thats not my child.


Bridget Moynahan, who married in 2015, says that she's happy that her son Jack has so much love in his life.


I just cannot imagine ToxicTroll being at all calm if I claimed Munchkin as MY child, even though we do have a good bond. And Bridget was SOSOSO calm about things! That doesnt sound real! I guess being a super model married to a handsome QB, and being rich, makes all the "yucky" steparenting things just go away. 



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Maybe it’s not so much the money, but the fact that all three people are sane.

It takes a certain amount of levelheadedness to be successful in life, regardless of career choice.

I think most of here on STalk bond over the fact that our skids’ BMs have very serious mental issues/deficiencies.

Personally, I would have loved for DD’s SM to feel like DD was her child, and love her as her own. It also would have been great if HCBM would have allowed me to love her sons as my own (I tried for years, but the more I loved them the more she made up crazy crap about me to them... I even tried telling them how lucky they are to have so many people who love them but HCBM would have none of it).

Ive seen great blended families that are financially poor.

It really has to do with maturity and sanity of the parents involved.

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Exacty. I have a high level of sarcasm dripping off me today. I have always treated Munchkin as my own kid, with the level of responsibility of a parent, and when ToxicTroll went to court, all she could say about ME was that she wanted DH's money to be given to HER so that she the MOTHER could take her shopping instead of me Clove taking her child shopping for things like bras and clothes. She had the gall to complain to a judge that the "live in" buys things for her child. LOL.

I guess what really surprised me was the interpretation that because Gisele said she considered the child "hers" she was seen as possesive - yet another slam against the evil stepparent. And yes, the BM here sounds healthy! 

You are also right about how we all seem to have in common a Toxic High Conflict Bio parent that mucks things up for us and our families. ALthough lately, because ToxicTroll has gotten her money, shes very quiet right now.

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Pouring your money and sanity into a kid unrelated to you through birth or adoption is foolish and delusional.

It makes no more sense than sacrificing yourself for some random kid down the road.

My father’s ex wife wasted her own income paying the measly C$ he was ordered to pay my mother. His poor wife wasn’t able to have children (they tried.)

They divorced later and she literally wasted time and her own money paying my mother. I only found out SHE was paying long after I aged out.

Poor woman!

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i got her a $50 gift card to Bahama Breeze and some make up from Ulta Beauty. She really is a very nice person who is very kind to my children. My ex husband does not deserve her. She is sane and I am sane and she came along years after my divorce. We did have a horrible fight twice in the very beginning. . She cut my daughters hair super short right after they met and she overstepped at the hospital trying to tell the doctors what the care should be for another one of my daughters. So we have had two fights but we did it rationally and calmly and listened to each other and worked on things. So I think if you aren't a psycho hose beast with a personality disorder you can be adult about things. 

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of her womb!

LOL. Golden Uterus Syndrom. Shes always using that one.

How sweet! And sane! I think its normal to have SOME conflicts, but now, 4 1/2 years later, I just "step" aside, even as I think its ridiculous that ToxicTroll keeps her kid at home from school over a "headache". And never takes the kid in for regular detal appointments, nor buys her clothing but she just got her a baby bunny, with cage and all that. With support cash, probably.

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never takes the kid in for regular detal appointments, nor buys her clothing but she just got her a baby bunny, with cage and all that. With support cash, probably.

That sounds a LOT like SS18's BM. Totally inappropriate priorities, stay home sick just cuz, F's were okay cuz those teachers were all deemed "douchebags," no money spent on clothes, shoes, toothbrush BUT instead used the CS money (back before DH got primary custody & CS ordered against BM), BM took SS to ComicCon, rennissance faire's, anime conventions... and paid like $40 for some grade-B actor's autograph. While SS owned like one pair of sweatpants, two pair of shorts, and three too-large t-shirts with obnoxious graphics. She also got him a few random, cheap, lame gifts over the years, none of which were appropriate. But didn't bother to teach SS to brush his teetg, etc., and never once took him to the dentist. Ugh!

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BM aquired two large SNAKES in the last month or so.

She didn't have a job, so CS was paying for the snake food. She was complaining she couldn't pay her utilities, but got two animals that need heat lamps on? She couldn't buy shirts for OSS - you know, a thing CS should be paying for - but managed to buy LIVE GERBILS to feed to said snakes.

Priorities. Some people don't have them.

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I usually write these types of stories off as celebrities saying what's PC because it's best for their careers. But who knows maybe they are all actually fine with it and able to get along

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But its part of a memoire...thats why all the fuss.

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There is a lot of pressure to claim your SKs as your own, and a lot of vilification if you do. It's a no-win situation for a SP, particular SMs. You either care too much or not enough, and the person who gets to decide that ends up being BM, aka your "parental equivalent".

It's all BS. The more open I am about steplife not being sunshine and rainbows, the more other people tell me in hushed whispers just how not fun it really is for them, too. I'd say the vast majority of people I know with modern stepfamilies aren't happy with the way things go, so when I see this crap, I just smile and think "poor darlings".

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Exactly this. You have alot of people that expect you to take them on as your own (I get people pointedly referring to SD as "your DAUGHTER" if i say step all the time) but then at the same time if you actually do take them on as your own you're crossing boundaries and stepping on toes. Theres literally no way to win. 

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I always felt that what she said came out wrong, kind of a translation issue. Otherwise, i could not imagine the new girlfriend laying claim to another's child would be ok at all. I remember thinking that Bridget must have been irritated at the quote but reasonable enough to realize it was most likely meant to be loving rather than possessive.....but atill irritating lol. 

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“My son has two loving parents and an extended family, whether it’s cousins or stepmothers or boyfriends. My son is surrounded by love,” Bridget Moynahan

I wish more BMs would realize this. I don't want to be a mother to my skids, I don't want to take BMs place but I do love my skids and want the best for them. I want for them exactly the same things I want for my own children, happiness, love, a career they enjoy and prosper at.

My sons SM loves him and that makes me happy. She is one more person in this world who loves my son, looks out for him, wants the best for him and gives him a safe place if he needs it. That is a good thing.