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PISSED! (Language alert, lots of dirty words ahead)

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If I start this far down hopefully the dirty words will not show up in the preview:

Common knowledge in our household that on weekends DH works, which happen to be BM's weekends with their kids, I go into work. Also well known is the fact that I normally do not get home until well after 6pm. Well today was a day that I was just not feeling the urge to work. I went in for a few hours, got some work accomplished, left, did the grocery shopping and came home early.

To find BM's car parked in front of my home.

Walked in to find DH's kids watching tv, all of their faces locked into "oh shit" looks and I found THAT FUCKING WHORE IN MY HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!! Not only in my house IN MY FUCKING BEDROOM USING MY GOD DAMN BATHROOM!!!!!!!!!

Apparently one of DH's kids lifted our extra house key. And BM let herself in to do THEIR FUCKING LAUNDRY since I refused. I totally LOST MY SHIT. I was half tempted to throw them all physically out, instead I dialed 911 and reported a break in. BM and the kids hauled ass while I was still on the phone with the 911 operator.

Of note: every fucking one of my dresser drawers had been opened. The lid to my jewelry Armoire was open, and three of my bathroom drawers were open. My closet door was left open. My laundry room was a disaster and there were five HUGE mountains of laundry piled on my kitchen floor just outside my laundry room.

The cops came, they took pictures and my statement. That was when I figured out DH's kids had lifted the key, because they asked if there was a spare and I went to show it to them and it was gone. Already called a locksmith, already informed DH that HE would be paying to change the fucking locks to the house since his thieving fucking little brats made off with the spare and now BM has access to the fucking house. Cops have a statement that the kids were NOT authorized to have the fucking key, BM was not authorized NOR HAS SHE EVER FUCKING BEEN ALLOWED to come into my fucking house, let alone to go through my shit!!!!

Cops are on their way to BM's house now. Only thing that is mysteriously "missing" are their kids old cell phones that I cancelled. They had been in a box on my dresser, they are now gone.

And my fucking DH thinks I am over reacting. No, over reacting is going to be the kick in the NUTS he is going to get when he gets home for daring to say I am over reacting, allow me to show you over reacting you fucking idiot.

All the wet clothes, all the mountains of clothes? Garbage bags. Dumpster. Done!


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I don't know what I'd be more pissed about...what they did or your DHs reaction.

OMFG. :jawdrop:

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:jawdrop: You have got to be KIDDING!!! NO f**king way would I of been NOT punching that bitches face in!

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Oh and let us know if you find anything out about what the cops are going to do about that scumbag of a woman...

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Thats insane! BMs weekend.. must mean they live with you guys??
I cant believe you were calm enough to call 911, I would have flipped shit!! Theres no way Id let them back in my house after that! And DH thinks your going overboard!? What is wrong with him??

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I would have gone totally insane on her ass. How dare her go through your things. Your husband may be comfortable with her doing that but that is your home too! I would have been going to jail because I would have punched her and drug her ass out by her hair and threw her onto the lawn. OMG! That is INSANE!!! It would have been one thing to do her laundry, then she should have asked even if you would have said no. But to go through your things. I was pissed just reading this!!!

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My first reaction was to shoot her! I was two steps away from a loaded gun. Florida stand your ground law can be a home owners friend.

She is damn lucky, DAMN lucky I just spent money recarpeting my bedroom and its WHITE!! I am sooooooo fucking pissed I am shaking. I want to choke the shit out of her and each and every one of those fucking kids!!!!

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what a stupid, boundaryless bitch. i hope she at least gets a fine out of this. those little bastards would NEVER be allowed in MY house again!

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I would be livid, it's good you are a think first act second, my initial reaction would have been to freak the fuck out on her, then maybe call the cops. Good job handling the situation though. Did you make sure they didn't have permission from your so though? I would ask that may be why he'd say you were over reacting

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Per him he did not give permission. Even told the cops that. Did not ask him before dialing 911 but that's an innate knowledge. He hates her as much if not more than I do. There is no way he would give her permission to come in the house esp with him not home.

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She expected to have at least another 3 hours to clean up and be gone before I got home. Makes me wonder how long the kids have had my fucking spare key and how many times the bitch has been in my house.

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Not if your trying shit on and have to put it back. There is a pile of clothes stacked on my toilet and counter in the bathroom where the fucking bitch was apparently trying on my fucking clothes. SOOOOOOOOO ANGRY!

Hiring merry maids. I want this entire house scrubbed with BLEACH considering how many men/ boyfriends that whore has slept with in the past 5 years I do not want to be catching any germ/bacteria/virus she fucking has.

Clothes are getting washed with bleach and really hot fucking water. DH has a hard kick in the nuts coming this evening. Can't even manage to explain to him HOW FUCKING PISSED I AM.

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I love you, just.his.wife, for having the courage to do what I can't...and also for making me laugh today. Take a stand for step-parents everywhere!

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You should toss a pair of his underwear into the dumpster and tell him a pair of his briefs are also missing and see if he overreacts.


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Considering I carry a firearm, I would have walked into the home, firearm drawn and walked through my house with it drawn the whole time. I mean, people are in my home who are NOT invited to be there. I don't know what's happening or who else in there. It's a completely reasonable response. I would have had it pointed at that b*tch too - while I was dialing 911 to report the break in. No sh*t. I'm not kidding.

I bet that would be the LAST time they would "welcome" themselves into my home.

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I don't have a ccp. It was in the bedside drawer which was two steps from where I was when I entered the room. Trust that I will be signed up for the next permit class and if I ever find her in my house again she is swiss cheese.

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Amen girl. You've got to protect yourself. ALL the time. GO GET YOUR CPL! NOW!!

Once that thieving skank knows your armed, you'll never hear from her again. Imagine the peace you will have - just from carrying a piece. Muahahahaaa...

Honestly, I don't normally advocate using a firearm to intimidate. I WOULD have had my firearm drawn while I was in my house. The people who know me, know that I carry. Always. I am never disrespectful with it. I would NEVER brandish unless I honestly, really, truly felt threatened. Walking into my home and finding people in there who were NOT supposed to be in there, drawers asunder, bedroom invaded - YES - I would have drawn my firearm.

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My heart goes out to you-this is a HUGE HUGE violation and your DH needs that kick in the nuts.

This is exactly why my FDH's kids (young adults) will never have a key to our home, nor will they ever be allowed in it alone. They would have totally allowed BM in, and she would have done the same things your BM did. She already had them trying to spy in here-daughter was rifling through papers.

I hope your DH wakes up and realizes how awful this is!

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I had this same conversation with my DH. I mean, I know he want his kids to feel like this is their home too. Honestly, I would like it too. HOWEVER and this is a huge HOWEVER - BM is a manipulative b*tch with a criminal record a mile long. She has zero qualms about f*cking with her kids minds. I would not put it past her to "force" them into giving her the key or security code.

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Oh holy shit.

YOU are not over reacting one bit. My DH agrees.

Our SD16 has had some issues with sneaking boys into BM's house. MY solution to that in our home is to give SD16 her OWN code to the house alarm. Her code WILL be revoked whenever we feel necessary. It's a little extra work, but you CAN guarantee that BM and the skids have ZERO access to your house when they are not supposed to.

Can you imagine their faces? Alarm starts beeping, THEIR code doesn't work, there goes the call to you AND the cops.

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I would go as far as to press charges for breaking and entering, its bad enough she did it but searched your drawers and tried on your clothes?

Stealing a key to come to laundry is a bad decision, but adding to it violating her ex husbands wifes privacy in her home, something really really sick about really sick like scary sick...and that is how I would word it to him. this was not about laundry...

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Lucky it wasn't my response which is to pound the crap outta her face they call the cops she attacked me after breaking into my home. DH would be getting the second ass whooping for what he said, makes me think he knows she does this. But I'm an untrusting cynic.

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OMG! I thought I had a bad day but honey, you get the prize. And why does your stupid arsewipe of a DH think you are OVER_REACTING? Would he consider it over reacting if she brought the flavour of the week over and he tried on all of HIS clothes?

I would insist on a whole new wardrrobe of clothes. Fuck it. New bed linens and the kids are not permitted back in the house until they pay for your complete clean and re-buy of your clothes.

WTF did she think? My thought is how long this has been going on??????

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You hav'nt told us what BM's face was like when you caught her, I can't help laughing, Im so glad you caught her, I expect she was enjoying herself having a snoop in your home, never thinking she would be caught red handed, you know I don't think you have over reacted, she KNEW she should'nt have been in there, it is not the kids place to decide who may enter you home, when they pay a mortgage they can decide, try not to dwell on the negatives of this, you caught her red handed and she won't be able to do this again, the police are involved and I hope she gets some shit for this, this woman knows no boundaries and possesses no manners, the fact that she tried on your clothes must mean she liked them, perhaps she was imagining what its like to be you? She is jealous for sure, she must be devastated she got caught, thats the thing to concentrate on, how pissed off must she be? She does sound creepy, good luck with the fumigating, please let us know what action the police take.

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So what else ended up happening? Are you pressing charges? Did she get arrested? Did DH open his eyes and realize how F****ed up it was?