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Ok. Whose kid was at my house last night?

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Skid3 (youngest girl) has a project due tomorrow at school. She was assigned a partner, another girl: Lets call her Kelly. (not her name).Kelly's step mother dropped her off for the kids to work on the project. Kelly came over right after school and stayed through dinner, project was FINALLY done at 9pm.

During Kelly's stay at our house, I overheard twice, "Your mom is so cool" It was at dinner she realized I was step mom. Not Mom. So I got the whole dramatic story of how she has a step mom and she is mean/horrible/abusive/etc. How she wished her step mom was more like me. Yeah right. Sure you do kid. You don't "know" me. But let's play along....

What does your step mom do that is sooooo bad.

Poor kid has to keep her room clean, do chores, get good grades... you know NORMAL stuff kids have to do. Then she makes the comment "And she makes me do my own laundry"

DH, skid2, skid3 and skid4 all said at the same time "No! DO NOT bring up step kid laundry around JHW!!!"

I laughed until I cried.

I did however over hear skid3 tell Kelly after dinner "You know, if you treated your step mom the way you treat my step mom I bet she would be nicer." The kid was polite, charming and used manners with me. A little dramatic as teenagers are prone to be, but not a "bad" kid, no attitude, normal well behaved kid.

Step mother came back and picked Kelly up. Nice enough lady, seems a bit defeated. And it was like watching a light switch flick. Kelly went from nice... to uber bitch the moment her eyes landed on her step mother.

Girls wanted to go to the Mall Saturday... so I invited her step mom along. Skid 3 is anxiously awaiting the shopping trip (she figures this time when I blow it wont be at her and it might be funny to watch lol). Step mom seemed tickled that she was being invited along for girls day.


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Haha, not my skid but I've had those moments too with my SD.

I am at the skids school a lot...for being the evil step mom I am very involved in their education. At least 3 different times I've overheard one of sd's friends tell her how nice I was.... And SD tells them to shut up that I might hear them :(. Once one of her friends told her that she thought I was's response -don't tell her that.

Which is why I've pretty much given up on expecting anything better out of my skids. Doesn't matter what I do...I will always be awful in their eyes.

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Awesome! Good for you, and good for your SD for encouraging her friend to be nicer to her SM.

I hope the shopping trip goes well!

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It definitely wasn't one of my skids. They'd never crack open a book, much less ACTUALLY complete a project.

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Have to say, have spent the last hour reading your blog. And I can honestly say you are the strongest, best woman who I know (you know what I mean!). I don't know how you have stuck it out after all the shite you have been through, but you are one hell of a woman. Really proud I got to read your story Smile

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Every woman on this site is as strong as I am. I was blessed with a DH that listens, and who realizes when I finally "blow" its because my bull shit guage is filled all the way up from past events and there is no more room for me to absorb any more.

I have also been through a 'blended family' before. Myself as the BM. My bio's having issues with their dad and step mom (typical response they got from me was suck it up buttercup.. no one said life was easy or fair). There was a time or two I had discussions with my XH regarding things the kids said: and figured out the kids exaggerated... or the "issue" was one the kids had EARNED.