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Just a quick update

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There has been so much that happened since my last posting, especially once you count in the holidays and all the kids..

My two kids are doing great! Actually very proud of both of them. Turning into adults, productive ones, not slackers that mooch. The three younger skids are doing pretty well. Grades are acceptable, behavior is good, attitudes are within limits. They are doing their chores (guess they really want cell phones back lol) I can't ask for much more than that.

BM was served papers at her new job from DH, to dismiss all her filings, modify CS and move his temp full custody to perm full custody. She was then a week later arrested by the State of Florida for filing a malicious false report regarding the company I work for. It is a felony. Punishable by 5 years in prison and/or up to a $250k fine. She is still in jail. No one in her family will bail her out and her bail for the felony is extremely high. I am sure with all the time missed from her new job plus the arrest, her new job is likely gone and she is once again unemployed.

SD18, is slowly pulling her head out of her ass. Right before Christmas she called DH because she needed a parent to sign papers, since BM was in jail, DH was her only option. SD18 has enrolled herself in a program that will allow her to complete high school, going to school day time and evenings, so she can graduate with her class. Due to still being "in school" she is still considered dependent and a parent had to sign the paperwork allowing her to go.

We went to my family house for Christmas, and SD18 did come along. We stayed at my parents house, she stayed at my sisters house down the street. Two fold reason for this: first I don't trust the 'changes' in this kid and don't want her getting comfortable and thinking she is moving back in with us. Second, my sister has a masters in child psych. They apparently had several lengthy conversations while SD18 stayed there, and while my sister did not divulge what the conversations were about, she did say that it appears SD18 is beginning to realize her mother (BM) has some serious issues that she cannot or will not control and SD18 does not want to spend her life in and out of jail by following her mothers example.

Once back from the family holidays, SD has been making a point to come over to see her siblings. BM's parents are dropping her off here and DH takes her back. She is also making noises about finding a job, no idea how she will pull it off due to as of Jan 7 she will be going to school day and night so she can graduate. Her attitude while at our house is fine. Definitely muted down from what it was before all the conflict started. She is interacting well with her siblings and DH and is polite to me.

I do note when she is here, there is tension. Even from the skids. It is like everyone is just waiting for the shoe to drop because we all know eventually it will happen. DH has even commented on it, though he worded it that he hoped eventually the tension would ease. Yeah, he is dreaming.


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That wasn't work boss. That was Department of Revenue who was pissed to be sent out on a false report and who after the audit was over had to pay my boss $ back because she had overpaid.

The state does not like paying $ out apparently!

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Yes, she is nuts.
Divorced six years. And no I met him a year after their divorce was final.