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So weekends that my hubby works,sd15 spends her weekends at her grandmothers. I was sick and asked her to pick up bs5. when your sick and all bs3 and bs5 do is fight. well it was too much. So she comes by and picks bs5 up and asks for extra underwear for sd15. I said no sd15 won't do her laundry. there are none. MIL says well she will go camando. I said what happened. She said well their just dirty. She left with bs5. When DH brings the two home. i tell sd15 to go take a shower get ready for bed. well i just took one... I said y did you take one in the middle of the day?

sd"oh i thought meme told you i peed my pants. "
me "WTH? how does a 15 year old pee your pants?"
sd"well my cousin and i were laughing and we both peed our pants"
me "how do two 15 year old girls not know they need to pee. your freakin 3 year old brother will run to the bathroom cause he knows his ass is grass if he has an accident."
sd15 yelling "you don't think i know that! i have already had 3 lectures today about being a freakin young lady, i don't think i need one from you."
me "no i think you need a pull-up and your cousing too! grow up!"

really wth! this is ridiculous! add that too the list of things. im so ready to be rid of this kid! i bet you she didn't even throw her dirty clothes in the wash. Oh well MIL on you this time. Its old. Real old!


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I've laughed until I peed. But I've had three c sections and my bladder is adhesed to my uterus and tilted.

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Why is this generation of stepkids so oddly incontinent? They should be called Generation Depends. So many of them seem to pee and even poop themselves. No idea why.

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Good idea. So many of these poor COD cannot take the pressure of using the toilet, I think. So those big kid diapers would be perfect lol : )

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And they make a plethora of incontinence products when the skids get older. Why use the bathroom at all, most of the skids can just pile these "adult diapers" up in a corner somewhere. LOLOL :sick:

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I wonder if it's puberty. The same thing happened to me and it even happened to my son just recently.
(Not a full-on dousing but enough to make things uncomfortable and with the need to walk around with a coat tied around our waists.)

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i get it. maybe its just the way she talked to me. i do that now sometimes but i also know to get into the bathroom.

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No im not mad at her for doing something i have done. I have a little excuse two babies later. i can jump and pee a little bit. but I know what the urge to pee feels like and i go. i don't pee my pants and soak them. a little is one thing a lot is another.

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