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The Christmas Question

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SD59 was here yesterday.  She has a history of (choose one) lying, delusional thinking, trying to make herself look good.  She sat here and told me at length about a gathering she is planning for the day after Christmas at her place.  Supposedly, SGD29 suggested it.  I was hearing about the invitees, proposed menu and she was wondering if we could come, supposedly, her kids and brother all ask if we are coming.

I was thinking, oh no, I thought I dodged it this year but was non-commital.  Later, I asked DH if she'd said anything to him, answer no.  So he called her.  Long story short, plans are "indefinite".

So, the question is: is this for real? Or just another one of her fantasies?  Stay tuned.


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She was likely putting out a feeler or testing you. She might be wondering just how safe you're playing it with Covid, if you'd use covid as an "excuse" to avoid her, etc. Or just a delusion. Maybe if you'd been interested, she might have wanted you to buy things for it. I wouldn't trust it anyway.

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I think it's just her grandious thinking. Or, she may want you to foot the bill. LOL

Either way, you can use CoVid to not attend.

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I think it's one of several things:

1.  It makes her sound good to be hosting a Christmas so she can see her kids, aside from the huge Covid issue.  Or

2.  She hasnt spoken to anybody about it but yesterday was a test balloon to see if we would offer to fund it.  In the past, if one of the kids hosted, we would pay for the food. Or

3.  It's one of those "Christmas illusions" that we sometimes receive from a kid who has nothing else to give.  Or

4.  She is flashing back a couple years ago when I felt sorry for her for not being invited anywhere to see her kids so hosted " UnChristmas", meaning no one was obligated to bring a gift (since she had no $) and served untraditional food (pizza).  She might be thinking that would work this year at her place.

I'm just hoping we dont hear more about it and it sinks into the sunset like other illusions she has spoken about.  Sigh.



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And explain the unwise decision to host a gathering during a pandemic. Then she would tell you how wise you are, cancel her imaginary get together and invite herself to whatever you are doing that day, and of course Gdaughter and brother and kids probably should be invited as well because they'll be sooooooooo disappointed that YOU rained on their parade. 

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I was so stunned, I was paralyzed.  I thought it was odd that she hadn't mentioned it to DH.  I think it was some kind of a mind game for me.  Crossing my fingers, haven't heard any more about it