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The Christmas Question Answered

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I posted the other day about SD59's plans for a Christmas gathering.  She talked about having it Saturday and inviting her 3 kids, 2 SOS, GGS4 and GGD 4 months, her brother (OSS) and wife and DH and me.  That's 10 adults and 2 kids in a small apartment.  She reeled off a menu of 5 or 6 dishes.  

I was so stunned that I was too paralyzed to say anything, was instantly thinking how I could get out of it.  Aside from the huge Covid risk, I just didn't want to go and had already sent gifts ($) to everybody.  I posted on here wondering if this was for real, or just another of her fantasies.

She called this afternoon.  She decided to notch it way back  Her kids are each coming by.  She doesn't feel like having any food.  I am radiantly happy that we are off the hook without having to make an excuse.

I think she has these visions of how things should ideally be, entertaining family like a Christmas commercial.  And, BM, for all her craziness, mellowed in her older days and did Christmas up big for her kids so SD is probably flashing on that, too.

Whatever.  I'm free.  Yah!





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Congrats! I figured nothing would happen. Grandious thinkers rarely come through with anything. LOL 

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I need to remember whenever she talks to me that there's a tiny bit of truth being heavily embroidered.  The recent boyfriend story with the intro by the neighbor, his instant devotion, their magnetic attraction, the golden reference from his ex, the gifts, then the dramatic truth-telling call from the daughter leading to SD59's renunciation -there was a man but it was probably an internet hookup.  This elaborate Christmas celebration - she is seeing her 3 kids today.

I should have learned this by now but she can be very convincing.  Lots of practice. Lol.

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Some disordered people are highly skilled liars. There's no shame in being taken in by such a person. You husband's daughter has honed her skills over decades, while you, a normal person, haven't had any extra training at detecting deception.

With my DH's kids, my policy is to assume that when their lips are moving, they're lying. It's been very helpful.

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You are correct.  My "problem" is when I say something, thsts what I mean.  When I say Im going to do something, I do.  It is so different to have to disbelieve everything a person says.  But, I'm adopting your mantra, " if her lips are moving, she's lying".