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A disturbance in the force: DH is pissed at his skid and BM!

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This is an update to the earlier post about DH noticing YSS went on a long road trip yesterday.

He did call BM. He did find out it was YSS *and* BM who went. He did find out BM has not been paying attention to the news. He did let BM know they went through/into one of the hardest hit areas. He did remind her that she's one of the compromised population who has to be careful. He did yell at YSS to stay home. He did text me those bits and finished with a final text: "so f-ing stupid" (with the word written out). This is surprising because DH rarely swears and he never swears over media.

I'll probably find out more when he gets home. Who knew COVID-19 could cause growth of a man's balls?


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Just like the Grinch's heart, my DH's balls also grew three sizes this day. He actually admitted Little Idiot was p- ing him off lately. Unfortunately I have seen this play before and I know it ends with them shrinking back down as soon as things go back to normal and the pressure is off. 

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You get that sudden swell that maybe, just maybe, your DH/DSO is done with the man child bullshit and then you deflate because you just know they will once again kiss their rosy behinds.