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Thanksgiving Dinner with a side of COVID

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why yes..please....UGH NO...........

So we scheduled our Turkey day dinner for the friday after Thanksgiving. 

1.  SD wouldn't be at our house till 2 p.m. on Thanksgiving. Gotta love that split the holiday crap.

2.  My kids would be at their dads that day.  Their Dad is alone and they wanted to make dinner for him there.

3.  Friday is my moms birthday. We would celebrate Turkey Day and her birthday.


Ah what is the saying..the Road to Hell is paved with good intentions.  Yep...we are on the road to hell...

Thanksgiving day arrives and DH sends a text to SD around noon.

I will see you at 2 p.m.  How is dinner at your mom's, eating anythign good?

SD's response...see you then.  Nope not eating anything good...eating my leftovers from Gengi Go...

DH...why are you eating leftovers?  Aren't you at your Nana's eating dinner?

SD..nope can't go to Nana's, Uncle J has the rona...


Dh is now concerned as Beaver spends all her time at her parents, and Uncle J (age 50)  and Uncle A (age 47)  live at Beaver Sr and Mr. Beaver Sr's.  

DH now sends a message to Beaver..

It has come to my attention that Uncle J has COVID.  Is that true?  When was he diagnosed?  When was the last time you, GWR and/or SD saw your parents and your brothers??

Beaver's response...we haven't seen them in a week or so...Uncle J was diagnosed last Thursday.  

DH...what was the exact day you saw your parents, uncles?  Also has GWR been going to your parents during the during remote weeks?

Beaver...I don't know when the last day was..and no GWR hasn't been going there.

DH...I need to know what the exact days? was November 8th..

DH,...have you, GWR and SD been tested? need to.



DH...ok I will pick up SD. (at this point we have already been exposed since SD has been at our house between November 8th and the 19th)

I then had to tell my parents that SD could have been exposed and they opted to stay home.

I also had to tell my kids and their Dad, the village idiot (who is high risk due to heart issues)..that they have been exposed.

My kids opted to come since they have seen SD since November 8th.

So...what did DH spend doing yesterday....going and getting COVID testing for SD and himself.

The best part of all this..

SD got yelled at by Beaver for telling DH.  SD told us and I quote "Mom wasn't going to tell you because she didn't want to deal with you asking questions.  I told you because I thought you needed to know.  I kept asking mom if we needed to get tested since we have seen Uncle J and you still go over there everyday but mom said NO."

So Beaver wasn't going to tell us and possibly let us spread this to not only my family but my kids dad and my kids co-workers, classmates, etc.


I reported her exposure to the I hope she told them herself. Otherwise, Monday morning should be really interesting for her.  This could shutdown the entire team she works on....


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The hospital system I work for allows asymptomatic people to work after an exposure - since otherwise, the hospital itself would shut down.  Hers may be the same.  After all, we are supposed to be treating everyone as if they have COVID anyway, wearing PPE and distancing as much as possible.  Not all people who work in hospitals believe in COVID or the need for all the precautions. She is one of them obviously.  Not surprising, her narcissism makes her a good candidate for being unwilling to delay gratification for any reason.

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True. I do expect my staff to be honest about it! If she's not seeing patients, they will definitely let her work. 

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is inform others that you have been exposed. What they do with that information is up to them.  Its not like I want to talk to my ex...but at times it necessary.

Beaver just thinks she is f*cking with DH and I ..but in reality it affects my kids as well.  The kids she claims she is "friends" with via my ex The Village idiot.  My DD after hearing this debacle....commented..."Good lord could she get more selfish. At this point I wouldn't spit on her if she was on fire, "


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Disgusting people.  I would not be around any of them.  If SD wantst to stay at your house, then let her stay and not go back for a while.  She will need to remove herself from the situation.


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I feel bad for your SD.  Her mother treats her so badly.

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I don't know whether I should cry or laugh. My god this sounds like everytime I touch somthing with the best of intentions.

Its seem to turn to Dog Sh#t lol. My heart is with you.

PLEASE bring Ice I hear there is a shortage where we are heading. I do have the wiskey lol.

All the best Jake