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Hello there Beaver I think Uncle Sam will be calling for his payment soon

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Ah tax time is here. For those non-us folks here in the USA it is now income tax time for us. 

  Last year Besvet emailed that SHE was claiming SD since GWR had aged out the year before and she wasn't able to claim either kid. We had no idea WTF she was talking about other than perhaps that GWR was now too old for her to get any kind of child tax credit since he was 17.   GWR was barely 18 and in was still In High School so he was considered a dependent so not sure sure what she was talking about. We couldn't really nail that one down but whatever we also figured it wasn't worth arguing over. So in their agreement after GWR become emancipated then DH and Beaver would alternate claiming SD and getting whatever tax credit for her.  
Alrighty then so we let Beaver claim SD last year. That means this year SD is ours. Now we don't qualify for any of the tax stimulus money given out over the last year since DH and I exceed the tax limit, so we had no worries there. But, I'm betting Beaver took all the money she could. So now she will have no defendants on her return and I will bet she will either get very little back or owe money.  

We filed our taxes today and they were accepted.  If Beaver gets all squirrelly and tries to claim SD hers will be rejected.  We always owe by design after the one year the Child support enforcement took our return for some arrears that didn't exist  after that 6 months of torture I told DH we will make sure that we owe to avoid that heinous process of trying yo get our money back.

I'm sensing there will be a disturbance in the Beaver force when she does her taxes here soon.


Anyone care to wager if she will try to claim SD ?/



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She won't only claim her but when everything blows up, she will blame you.

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"So now she will have no defendants on her return and I will bet she will either get very little back or owe money."

Did you mean to type defendants or dependants? Because I'm loving this.

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Keep that in there. too funny-ish.

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Because if you file now and are expecting a refund, you'll be lucky to see it before July.  In our case Chef got bamboozled into not accepting a 1/2 rotation in the early years.  And only claiming the oldest who would age out first.


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However, three child support/custody hearings ago..the magistrate changed that to alternating once GWR was off the books.

the magistrate is a step mom herself...  Smile

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Who has majority custody of your SD? The reason I ask is that my DH and BM had alternating years as well.  However, she filed during our year so we filed as well.  They paid 0ut to both of us and we both got audited.  Here's the thing most people dont realize, the IRS doesnt care about your court order.  They explained that the IRS goes by their own rules and that unless the person with majority custody fills out a form, giving the other person the right to file, it goes to whoever has majority custody.  They found in her favor because she had majority custody.  So we had to pay back some money plus fines.  Now, we did take her to court amd she was forced to pay us back but it was a big hassle.

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That lovely time of year. I think that I have P-tax-SD. From Toxic Troll "giving" us claim rights and then "claiming" half the money. Even though she didnt pay any taxes, wasnt working. And then critiques me, because the IRS is backed up and slow in getting through returns. Because I must have done something wrong, and Im the stupid one.

Yeah, Beaver deserves the money, just because.