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In 6 months...B*'s golden uterus money..I mean cs will drop by 60%

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Today DH received notice that because he owes $357 in arrears, the state will intercept his state tax return next year to offset it.  Good luck with that...we always owe and by January he will no longer owe arrears.  He is paying $100 per month for the arrears accrued from when GWR nope out of house to Beaver's house Feb, 2019.  Now back when this all went down...and the order was filed December, 2019 we could have easily paid the arrears in one lump sum..but Beaver wanted this extra golden uterus money then she would get it in small increments.  

Well now..that extra $100 bucks will end January.  Then in March, whether or not GWR graduates high school or not...cs ends for him.  At that point she will lose the $568 a month she gets for she will go from $1100 a month in cs to $432 a month for SD.  

Hope she planned for that..but the magic eight ball says....Very Doubtful.




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The magic 8 ball! Awesome.

I am looking forward to your March/April posts almost as much as our own CS drop (which won't happen until 2029 for YSS11... unless Maggot bites the big one first - which is always possible given her health.

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but alas even with her heavy drinking and being morbidly overweight..she is still relatively healthy.  

***Where did I put that darn voodoo doll?*****

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That is going to be a nice feeling.  Curious to see how Beaver handles the monster she has created once he's no longer a source of income.

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Couple of Scenarios

1.  GWR stays and Beaver just does nothing..  Very Doubtful

2. Beaver demands whatever income GWR might have to make up for the shortfall.  Probable

3.  Beaver kicks GWR out of the house. Very Very Doubtfull

4. Beaver moves GWR from her house to Beaver Sr. and Mr. Beaver Sr's house citing she cannot handle him.  Extremely likely.

5.  Beaver tries to get GWR to move back to Halo's house.  NOT A CHANCE IN HADES 


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So you're saying that GWR will be homeless come April? Or, hopefully, SD will end up at your home full-time away from Beaver and GWR.

Perhaps you should start a pool! I'll put $5 on GWR being homeless.

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since she is already trying to reconcile with the one and only live in she has had in these 10+ plus years.  I think that is her bid to keep the income rolling.

Plus....she has survived without CS when DH was unemployed.  So we shall see....

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Sadly Child support for DH goes for the next 3 years and 9 months...but its only $347.

Hopefully your SD will want to live with you full time because GWR will have sold tix to her birthday parties to 18 yo perverts.

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The only way this gets better is for SD to live with her dad. With everything that's happened with GWR lately, sounds like a good time to plant some seeds to harvest next spring.  Not sure you want that stress but that girl needs a good home.  

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No more child support at all for BM here come January - 1100/month less for her, and more for us!  Can't wait for DH to no longer have any legal obligation to that witch.

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Yep, last payments go out right before Christmas, then we are DONE with BM once and for all.  Let's see how long she allows SSstb21 to continue to be unemployed and not in school once she has to foot the entire bill of supporting him.

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Girhippo must be kicking herself because Chef got the $500 stimulus per child for HousesHitter as it was his turn (last year) to claim him.  Had I not urged Chef to do a dependent rotating thing on taxes (finally) when OSS Pumpkinhead accidentally emancipated himself, Girhippo would have pocketed that.  Chef was only "allowed" by the Gir to claim the oldest out of the three (who would age out of being claimed first, of course).  At least that is the way the Gir interpreted the CO "Chef shall be allowed to claim at least one child. "

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I dont know how it will play out on 2020's taxes, but because we claimed munchkin 14 for 2019, we got $500. And because Toxic Troll did not file taxes for 2019, the government in all its wisdome, used her 2018 tax return filing because she was working then, and gave HER the $500.

I had her sign a form before claiming IRS cannot come after us. I hope they do not audit.

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She uses skid to guilt daddy dearest to pay money because they have no electricity water or 22.5 yr old sd after a 5.5 yrs ceasing contact from her dad and disappearing decided to lecture daddy the day she reinitiated contact that he has child support responsibilities to her.


dipshit lazy arse sd22.5 had graduated uni and was working and even 1yr 7 months on in her graduate job she lectures hubby to continue the gravy train because he has responsibilities to her.

We have a 3 & 4 yr old, you wanna talk about responsibilities you selfish bit*h that you care about being a lazy bum to not earn the money you have at the expense of your dad not being able to have a proper relationship with his younger kids because he's now decided instead of retiring early, he needs to work several more years to manage the greedy train of yours

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uhm no....22 almost 23 you on your own.   There is no more monetary responsiblity for a grown ass adult.  Anything after 18 is a gift (unless your disabled).

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29 more months for us. Is it sad that I just counted it out? The worst part is SS turns 18 in Oct his senior year, we know we won't see him at all that year but have to pay CS the whole time. 

Congrats on the big drop!!