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Golden Child..does your BM have one???

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Beaver I am pretty sure is a boarderline personality disordered person.  She fits almost all the criteria.  

In true BPD fashion Beaver and her whole family (who I believe are all personality disordered in some fashion) have a golden child and a scape goat.  


The Great White Rapper (GWR) is the golden child for Beaver and her beaver dam.  Why...not sure.  

1.  It could be he was the first born and the first grandchild.

2.  It could be that he is the more easily lead and influanced (aka controled)

3.  It could be that he himself shows signs of BPD. decidedly the scape goat for Beaver and the beaver dam.


Beaver has flat out told SD that she should have never had had her and that she wishes SD had never been born.  As recent as last week in a text message.  This seems to be a phrase uttered to SD when she dare critize GWR or tell Beaver that she does not wish to talk about GWR all the time.  Beaver will however sing praises to the GWR to the high heavens. They way she talks about GWR  you would think this kid legit walks on water.

Beavers brother, Welfare Twin number 1 has told SD that he hates her and that she is not part of the family.  WTF.

Last weekend Mr. Beaver Sr (Boppa to GWR and SD) bought GWR a brand spanking new MacBook, to the tune of almost 2k.  Why, because GWR ASKED for it.  SD got nothing.  SD then asked for a MacBook and was told no.  Apparently, however in a brief moment of feeling guilty Mr. Beaver Sr bought SD a pair of new Airpods to replace the ones she lost in the lake while fishing with him.

Beaver will ignore GWR smoking weed and doing drugs in the house. He is just troubled and she doesn't want to upset him.  SD gets her phone taken away for saying Jeazus Christ in the presence of Beaver. 

Beaver bought GWR a brand new 60 inch TV for his room in the basement (so cliche...stoner kid living in mom's basement) because he needed it for his gaming.  SD guessed it nothing.


So...does your HCBM have golden child....and if so does the rest of the family follow suit?  


And for added bonus...Beaver was the golden child in her family and the brother that told SD he hated her...was the scape goat for that family.  He is now an alcoholic with 8 dui's to date.




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Yep HCBM has two golden children. The oldest and first born. Because his DD is wealthy and BM constantly had her hand out for money while he was growing up. Now that he is an adult and on his own with his own family. OSD has taken the place of golden child. Why because OSD has a trust she will get when she is an adult and HCBM wants access to that money.

HCBM does not acknowledge her second oldest DS or DD outside of holidays. Does nothing for YSD. But does everything for her YDD because she is still with BD. 

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Eternal Teenager doesn't seemingly have a favored child anymore. YSS was her favored child for a while because he is the baby and she could infantilize him (with help from everyone around her). Now that teenage angst and apathy have set in, ET doesn't seem to do it as much (and YSS doesn't like it like he used to).

Now, C'Tucky and SBro's mother has a favorite, and it's C'Tucky. She even disowned SBro ON CHRISTMAS DAY a few years ago because he has boundaries. Literally, he isn't dysfunctional enough to warrant any attention from his own mother. Him having a job, wife, kids, and own home is too much normalcy for his mom, so she feels threatened by it and won't even speak to him if they happen to be around each other (apparently she has dropped by "unannounced" when SBro is visiting other family). 

My SF's family also sides with C'Tucky. They're "mad" that SBro won't just "act like family" and won't adhere to any boundaries he has set (like don't mention C'Tucky to him or invite her if he's around, which should be pretty simple since she lives out of state), but they "can't make any promises" so he avoids them. So then he's the bad guy for not wanting to be around the woman who tried to break his arm with a baseball bat, among other things. And you'd think the rest of them wouldn't want to be around C'Tucky, either, given her history of lying, cheating, stealing, and aiding pedophilia...

I've determined that dysfunctional families only care about other dysfunctional family members. If you aren't willing to turn a blind eye to the BS, they don't want to deal with you. It's easier to remain sick than to get healthy, and no one likes having their bad habits pointed out to them, even passively.

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Yep. SS17 (the oldest) is BMs because they are the same person. I wouldn't say "golden child" though. I just think because SS17 is mentally behind and still grabs on to the idea of "mommy" and BM still calls herself that to her teenage kids (Stuck in a time when she was around) so they "connect" the most.

Even though they live with us full time now for two and half years, (I've been around 5) were only EOWE with BM for the past 9 since their separation that genetic makeup couldn't be changed. I don't trust SS17 never will, for varies reasons. 

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from the other day.  They had gotten into a fight because SD...gasp.....asked Beaver to pay attention to her and not talk about GWR while they were grocery shopping.

NOt only did she send that...the entire text was

UR an awfull daughter

I wish u were never born

I wish I had never had u


Then Beaver apparently proceeded to throw away all the food that SD had asked her to buy...(why...what a waste of money).

Beaver..the gift that just keeps on giving and giving.


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BM has admittedly stated she has Boderline Personality Disorder. SD has been diagnosed by a school psychologist with anxiety, ADHD, and depression. BM is in denial and says SD is the way she is because of "her circumstances." Any time there is a disagreement between BM and DH, BM always defends herself with "Well, SD said _______" Everything SD says is apparently the gospel to BM. She believes everything SD says and thinks she NEVER lies. So when SD comes up with these radical stories of "how mean Dad is" BM totally believes it. She doesn't understand that SD is starved for attention and will say/do ANYTHING for a reaction out of someone. She loves conflict and causing drama & thrives off the confrontation (Both SD and BM). Obviously the apple didn't fall far from the tree. 

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Our BM didn't really have a golden child but I always felt that OSS got lost in the shuffle.  He's a quiet, introverted person.  BM was a very volatile woman, loved to fight and argue.  She could be very cutting.  She and SD clashed frequently, then had big reconciliations, lather, rinse, repeat.  I think the two were drawn together by all the drama.  OSS seemed left out.  YSS somehow was unaffected by it all but there  was an age gap so he got to be the baby.  I will never forget the time when the kids lived with us and BM called to talk to the kids.  She and SD were arguing while OSS waited patiently to talk to BM.  Next thing, the big hang up.  OSS never did get to talk to her.    Drama loves drama.


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Has Golden Uterus Syndrom, but she takes turns turning on the golden showers. First the eldest, the "pretty one" who has her personality and habits. Then, when Feral Forger is up to her hijinx or off somewhere maskless, she turns to munchkin to fulfill her. She will at turns ignore munchkin, then take her shopping. I guess its hard to do anything when Feral Forger is around because she is so demanding of attention she sucks all energy out of the room. Munchkin is starting to act like that, and its starting to cause me to resent...things.