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Chronicals of the B*......Halloween Edition

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Well I hope all you step mom's had a good mother's day..whether your a mom, a stepmom, a fur mom or all three.  :).

Mine was two kids came over for lunch and BD made me a card.  

Heard nothing from SD..but didn't expect to since she is with the Beaver.   


On to the story......

So...way back when DH had his house that he was living in and trying to sell.  I had my own house that I bought after I divorced.   (Yea for a good college education and an IT career I worked hard to develop). we established Beaver wanted to come over to Dh's house all the time.  Halloween was no exception.  Now Halloween wasn't written in their custody agreement at this time so there was guidance on how to handle the holiday.  So, if it fell on Dh's day it was his choice on what to do and if fell on Beaver's day it was her choice.

This particular year it fell on Dh's day.  Woohoo...Dh ordered costumes for the kids and was all set.  Beaver being the beav...decided nope she is the MOTHER and she entitled to take the kids trick or treating.  Now its if some note that she was living with her parents out in the country where there are no sidwalks and the neighbords are about a mile in between.  So the obvious choice was for her to come to DH's house, get the kids and take them in the neighborhood with her parents.  SAY WHAT NOW...yea DH entertained that for about a hot second and went NO.  1.  he didn't want to deal with Beaver..2. he despised her parents.

So he told her NO, he would take the kids trick or treating and he would gladly send her pictures.  But, no she would not being going with them.  Ah..Beaver again was not a happy beaver and proceeded to bang her beaver tail in protest.  DH would not budge.

Now DH took the kids..who were just over 1 and 5 trick or treating.  That lasted about 2 blocks and they were done.  Typical little kids.  Beaver shows up with the Beaver Sr. and Mr. Beaver Sr...and demands the kids.  Bahahwhwhahaha...DH told her to get get bent and to leave.  Beaver then demands to be let in the house.  DH...nope and get lost before he calls the police.  He sent her pictures and she will get her turn next year. 

So..where am I in all this (this is important)..I was at my house with my two kids trick or treaking/handing out candy etc.  I was no where to be found.

A few days later it time for the kids to go with Beaver for her custodial time. DH send the kids out to the car..and SS grabs his trick or treat bag, cause you know CANDY.  Dh doesn't think anything of it and heads to work.  They switched houses at 8 a.m.  Why I don't know...but they did.

I arrive later that night and notice that there is candy all over the driveway.  Werid but maybe some poor kid dropped his candy or something.  I text DH and I ask why is their candy all over the driveway ( he wasn't home yet).  He says he has no wasn't there this morning.

We pick up the candy and go on to enjoy our weekend.  DH then gets the kids back after the weekend. SS jumps in the car and exclaims...did you pick up my Candy? 

Dh:  what are you talking about?? 

SS:  The candy by the was all over.

DH: why was you  candy all over by the house.  (thinking in his head..well that explains the driveway candy)

SS:  Mommy found I had my candy and we went to your house and threw all of it at the house.  She told me to tell you that next time don't have your whore give me candy.  What's a whore??

DH;  Nevermind what a whore is..and yes I picked up your candy.

SS:  Mommy was so mad.  How dare your whore take me trick or treating.  I tried to tell her you took us trick or treating but she told me not to lie. 

DH:  its ok I will tell your Mommy you were not lieing.


So in a nutshell, Beaver gets told no, doesn't like that, "ass"umes that I went trick or treating with DH, throws a temper tantrum and SK loses Halloween Candy.

Happy Monday Y'all




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Beaver sounds like a typical nutbag GUBM. Meth Mouth used to salt our driveway with nails and screws. I used to get a flat tire every two weeks or so. We got where we would have to sweep up the driveway before we could drive out. Oh how I wish we had the wireless cameras back then that we do today, it would have been just one more thing we could have nailed her a$$ with.

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Well she's a character... I would get the kid into counseling... She's going to be destructive at a minumum *gag* (having your DH do this of course)

Psycho used to call me a wh0re too. LMAO. I think there's a manual somewhere on insults to use.

THat poor kid though. Throwing his candy all over... That would have been DEVASTATING as a kid.

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He was in counseling..until the counselor told her straight up that his issues were from HER...and then suddendly the counselor wasn't good enough. Ironically, she chose the counselor and the counselor is one the most recognized counselors by the courts around here.  This counselor is assigned all the tough kids/cases.  But the minute he said...Beaver YOU ARE THE WEAKEST LINK...she ended that.

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LMAO. Of course she it. Kind of like my X and marriage counseling... Second the therapist was telling him his behavior was inapropriate and hurting me and us it was "she's out to get me!"

It's an inability to accept the fact that they just might be wrong!

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Sounds like a move right out of our BM's play book.  Your DH handles her well but definitely needs some legalities there to back him up!!  Trust me this kind of behavior doesn't stop!  Buckle up my steps are in their late 20's and BM is still doing this and blaming every action that DH takes on me!!! She's nuts and not getting her way.  Sounds like the BM in your life too.  We were too nice for too many years because of the kids and I can tell you in hindsight it didn't matter she still acted like that and maybe even worse!! 

Oh and sorry for the bad name you were called.  Just consider the source, a jeolous crazy nut!!

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3 custody/child support battles later, including custody evaluator and GAL...we have it covered now.  Back was a bit ambiguous and very beaver slanted.