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Corona Virus~Trick or Treating, Thanksgiving ~Christmas

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Corona Virus~Trick or Treating, Thanksgiving ~Christmas

So it is getting close to that time of year.  I was wondering what everyone's plans were for the upcoming holidays?? I wish I could set this up as a poll for curiosity.  

Halloween ~  Are you taking the kids Trick or Treating or not?  Are you passing out Candy yes or no.

Thanksgiving~  Are you attending a gathering? having a gathering?  or just staying home with those in your household?

Christmas~   Are you attending a gathering? having a gathering?  or just staying home with those in your household?

Does anyone have any great ideas to share for any of the holidays.  

Halloween, we have no little ones but we are not passing out candy.  I had a few social distance ideas, taping candy to a big Happy Halloween sign, baby clothes pins holding candy  on Halloween garland on a big piece of cardboard but I don't want people to come to my house. So Sad.  

For other holidays I don't know maybe sit this year out Sad

what are everyone's thoughts??  

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First off, I want to say that the COVID rate in my area is below 1%.

Halloween - no skids at home and we live on a busy street with no sidewalks so never get trick-or-treaters. Thank god.

Thanksgiving - looks like we will likely be doing it with either a small group of family or a friend who has been in our "bubble".

Christmas - probably with my family.  We all live in this very low COVID state and got together this summer, so likely that will be the plan again.

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I really can't see anyone going trick or treating in the UK this year - our second wave of covid is in full spate and a number of towns have severe restrictions at the moment.  Fortunately we don't have Thanksgiving to worry about!  I don't know if we will be able to see our families at Christmas or not - it depends on the covid situation.   For people from places that are not locked down - there is still the "rule of 6" - ie you cannot have any more than 6 people under your roof or outdoors (although obviously this doesn't apply to families of more than 6 who live together).  

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My skids will be trick or treating, though not as widely as usual. We will have candy to pass out, but we usually only get a handful of kids and may not get any this year.

Skids always go to BM for Thanksgiving.  If DH, DD and I do anything, it'll be with my parents who we see regularly anyway. 

We typically spend Christmas with my family at my parents' vacation home.  We plan to do so this year, but we'll drive rather than fly. 

We live in a state that's a hotspot, and cases are surging. However,  DH works outside the home every day, skids are attending school in person every day, and skids are with BM, over whom we have no control,  half the time,  so I've already resigned myself to living with risk. Fortunately we are not in a high risk group and no one in my family has underlying conditions. We wear our masks, wash our hands and limit the people we see outside of work/ school,  but we're still trying to live our lives as normally as possible.

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Halloween - Our average is about six trick or treaters. A big year would be twelve. Many years we get none, and that's what I am expecting this year.

Thanksgiving - planning on just the two of us this year. My youngest has a job where he has to interact with lots of people and he is in the area of the state that has had the largest number of cases. Cases are rising here. My oldest is careful, and not wanting to come unless the daily number of cases is much lower.  We don't see DH's children on holidays.

Christmas plans right now - My oldest has a large room. There will only be five of us. We will visit and wear masks. When we eat we will be in the same rooom, but as distanced as possible.

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Halloween: YSD is half-hearted this year as she's growing out of it. She'll be at BMs this Halloween, and where they live there will be a party (masks and distanced, we trust her coop to follow guidelines). We'll be here watching scary movies.  I do have some candy to hand out just in case, it's a popular area for it, but not as much as past years. We'll put out some decor to signal treaters.

Thanksgiving: DH and I always have this holiday alone. I take a week off work. Usually we go somewhere for a trip, but if not we make some kind of gourmet meal (we save the turkey dinner for Xmas).

Xmas: SD always with us. BM wanted Thanksgiving. Since it's only YSD it's pretty mellow. We don't travel because prices are usually inflated and I'm not that into the holiday, plus Covid now. DH cooks. I'll buy some gifts and treats and make cookies on my own (preference) and be done with it. BM also has NY with SDs so bonus!

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I am in an area where the count is high and rising but people are still advocating for further "opening" and are not widely mask compliant.  The social distancing measures undertaken by DH and myself has increased 10 fold as in staying the h@ll away from everyone and interacting only when absolutely unavoidable.  We will not be handing out candy despite local encouragement to "keep things normal for the kids."  The skids are spread out all over the country and will remain where they are for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  We will send presents via Amazon but other than that we will do our best to simply ignore the holidays.  We can really use some time to relax and have some peace just for us.

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The  numbers in my state are climbing and I live with two high risk individuals, like another poster we generally stay the h@ll away from people.

Halloween- we live in a smallish sub-division.  We are planning a scavenger hunt that will have staggered start times with clues pointing to theme buckets at the end of driveways.  All candy will be in small bags with givers name/address & each participating family will get a pair of orange handled tongs to pick candy out of buckets.  All participants will trick or treat in family units:  no large groups or trailers pulled by lawn tractors as has occurred in past years. 
Thanksgiving: small gathering with my bios in garage to allow social distance if weather permits. They are part of our bubble and are very conscious of our risk level and manage appropriately.  It will be a scaled down dinner on paper plates/plastic ware. Think turkey breast not turkey.  Each family unit would have their own table and separate food.  
no skids.  They think COVID is a hoax.

Christmas: haven't thought it ought in detail. Considering things like caravan it to local light displays, but it will be scaled back.  Going to focus on some traditions by using technology & Amazon.  All families will get the same advent calendar and we will face time each day to see what the surprise is.   All the kids big & small will get a call from Santa this year--why not!  Gifts will be via Amazon.  Again no skids. DH is so disappointed in his kids over this.  I think their response and lack of care has really opened his eyes.  Two of the three have out right called him crazy for being so worried.  I don't think we will ever plan a holiday with the skids again.

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There is a specific fb group for the estate we live on, and some kind person suggested a pumpkin trail rather than trick or treat. So we will go spotting counting an even photograph all the lit pumpkins in people's windows and gardens. About 80 houses so far are in. 

Thanksgiving we don't do in the UK, Christmas we are just having a quiet day at home 

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Halloween... No.

Thanks Giving.... Yes.

Christmas... Sort of ... maybe.

We will be going to my parent's for TG.  My brother's three kids will be there, two with their own SOs.  

For Christmas we will likely join my parents at Big Bend NP in their monster 5th wheel RV.  So, not a big group but we will be with my parents.