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B* and imitation is the sincerest form of flattery...or just annoying

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Too say that I'm a little odd is like saying the grand canyon is just a pothole.  I'm 4 foot 11 inches on a good day...and I am unqiue. I have tattoos...on my forearms, my upper arms, my back and some elsewhere that hasn't seen the light of day in ages..I have piercings...many on my ears and my nose.  I also am inclined to dye my hair whatever color of the rainbow that trips my fancy.  Yep, I'm every kids nightmare for a mom.    :)  Right hair is rose gold.  I haven't seen my real hair color since about 1984.

DH loves my quirks...although he loves some more than others.   DH is also rather quirky so it works.

Beaver on the other nothing like me.  She is as vanilla as they come...and as about as opposite from DH as you could get.

DH likes metal and alternative/punk music, Beaver likes country music and pop.

DH likes tattoos and had two when he met Beaver. Beaver hated tattoos..and thought they were trashy.  DH wasn't allowed to get anymore when they were married.  He now has a full sleeve and working on the other, as well as on his back and legs.

DH likes to travel Beaver only goes to one place for vacation.

Ya get the picture.  

Enter me from stage left...and I like the same things as DH. Travel, tattoos....same in music, etc

All of of sudden, Beaver is telling the skids she wants to travel.

She now likes tattoos...and is going to get one.  (this did not come to pass)

Beaver suddenly would be listening to the heavy metal station on the radio...(this was from the skids)

And...then the imitation began...

She cut her hair like mine every single time.  If I dyed my hair black, she would, same with red, or brown or blonde.  I have a nose piercing (which I have had for 30 years)...suddenly Beaver got a nose piercing.  She tried dressing like me...that was really funny.  Bought the same glasses, etc.  If I got a certain hat...Beaver would show up to with the same one.  You get the picture.  

IT WAS ANNOYING AS F*ck as my style is my one point my hairdresser was like...well lets see how crazy we can get.  Beaver finally gave up the chase when I dyed my hair bright magenta..(this was before fashion colors were cool). Unsurprisingly Beaver did not copy the magenta but did do a less intense red color.  She also had to give up when I went back to rocking my natural curly hair...her's is straight and stringy.  She did ask SD what kind of perm I got....  LOL...SD had to to tell her perm its natural. bahahwhwhwhahhahaa...

I thought she had stopped copying me but I saw one of SD's insta pictures with the beaver the other day and she now has the same red glasses I have.  Just ugh...really.  I just got green ones the other day..wonder how long before she copies those.

Give it a rest already Beaver...find someone else to mirror you boarderline personality wako.


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LOL, I would start sending her notes with the stuff you're getting ready to do.

Dear Beaver,

I'm going to color my hair bright green tomorrow and get one side of my head shaved. I'm also adding a clit piercing and a tattoo of a devil on my butt hole. Here is a link to the new eyeglass frames I'm going to buy. I should have all this done within the next month and wanted to give you a heads up so you can copy me.


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I know she tolls my pinterest already....

I'm waiting for SD to tell me she dyed her hair rose gold next...


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LMAO, this is totally whacko!  I guess you should be flattered?!?! Oh, maybe you could make some instagram posts with side by sides of you and Beaver and say, "who wore it better?", like magazines do!  At least I think People magazine does that with celebrities! 

Shortly after DH and I moved in together I dyed my hair reddish brown.  Something I did a lot...especially in fall/winter time (my hair is naturally light brown/dark blondish) but anyways a few days later BM shows with bright red hair and she has curls and it was very Ronald McDonald like.  I cracked up!  It was very obviousl to DH and I that she was doing it because I did but it was a fail boat for her! 


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Yikes. If she had not already been completely rejected by your DH, this would be a "Fatal Attraction" dead ringer.

The Maggot copies me in some ways (mostly the way I talk and she tries so hard to copy my vocabulary and medical knowledge [I was raised in a family of doctors and Latin was spoken regularly in my home] but fails hard), but not even close to this extent.

Beaver is deranged. How sad that she and so many of these HCBMs don't have their own personalities.

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Since we don't see BM often one thing she does style wise cracks me up. This is pretty much the only time I see her. This will probably be SDs last year of basketball. (If it even happens) 

She shows up to SD's basketball in thigh high (literally almost to her hip) 2/3inch boots. Every game (she misses 3 of her games on a average season) it's the same boots but different colors. She must have 5 pairs of these same exact boots. 

Some of SDs games get switched to the small auxiallry gym at her middle school so there is no seating. You have to sit on the floor. Then oh look... There is BM in her thigh high boots!! I find it comical like whooo are you trying to impress lady. 


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Beaver just tries to copy my look..but I'm 4 foot 11 and about 110 to 115....Beaver is 5 foot 2 maybe and about 250.  Its tends to not look the same on her.

That and for some unknown reason she refuses to get her pants hemmed...I get that its hard to find extra short in larger sizes but it does not look good to be dragging 2 inches of excess pant leg on the floor while your walk...swish, swish...and then the bottoms end up all ragged and torn.   Just get them hemmed already...


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lol. I wear black and gray mostly.

TT likes country, I listen to the Cure and Depeche mode and Ellie Goulding, classical.

TT and I both have naturally curly hair that I straighten on occasion. Hers went gray early. I just go dark brown. She likes either dark red or light strawberry blonde that makes her look sallow. 

She wears polyester to dress up. Im more of a silk and pearls girl.

She wears bedazzled baseball caps. I wear fedoras.

She doesnt see me anymore, and Ive blocked that Troll on ALL social media.

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my signature colors....same on the music.  We must be from the same era.  LOL

Beaver loves to rock a a ponytail and flip flops and sweatpants...I don't have enough hair for a pony tail...and in summer in I live in my birkenstocks....or barefeet

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Yuck I would vomit should Meth Mouth ever even try to copy my
We had custody of Spawn and I am a blonde, Spawn is a blonde, Meth Mouth has dark brown hair. People would always say how much Spawn looked like me...she really didn't but I just think people saw two blondes and were like oh they are related. Well junior year when Spawn finally succumbed to Meth Mouth fully she decided she was a natural brunette. She even went so far as to yell at DH for ruining her natural brunette hair color...not sure how he accomplished that but you do you Spawn. So one weekend Spawn went to Meth Mouth's and came back a bottle brown...not even a legit dye job by a stylist, just the stuff out of the bottle at the store. Some parts of Spawn's hair were brownish, the rest just sort of had a green cast. Meth Mouth convinced Spawn that the reason the color didn't take was because of all the "dye" we had been putting in her hair...da fook!

halo1998's picture would save me a f*ck ton of money.

SD has brown hair...its a nice shade, but thin and stringy like Beavers (poor kid couldn't even get her Dad's hair..the man has GORGEOUS BLACK THICK HAIR..I MEAN F'N GORGEOUS).  

Now..I have dyed and fried my hair when I was young.  I mean fried to the point I had no hair.  Therefore, when DD wanted to dye her hair...we went to a professional.  Worth the cash I have to pay for it...

SD a few years ago(she was about 10) wanted to dye her hair blue.  I told her no...because her hair is dark and we would have to bleach it.  She was too young for bleaching.  SD went to Beaver's and Beaver trotted off to the local beauty supply store got bleach and some dye.  Not ya Beaver wanted SD's hair to be pink.


OH LORD WHAT A MESS...SD came back with bleached out hair...that wasn't pink but varying shades of orange.  Story goes...they tried to bleach it but it started to burn.  Then they tried to dye it pink..they tried twice but it didn't take very well.  It was light pink until SD went into the condo complexes pool a few hours after the bleach/dye job and then all the pink disappeared.  (Wow..just wow).  Beaver told SD it didn't take because she has hair like Beaver and their hair doesn't take dye.  (nope that is just because you have no idea what your doing there Beaver)

SD had to go to my hairdresser who then had to try to color correct this mess...for a long time SD had funky hair.  Thankfully, that hot mess finally grew out and was cut off..

Then there was the time Beaver cut SD's hair with bangs and SD looked like she had lego people hair.   It legit looked like she took lego hair and plopped it on her head.    It was awfull and SD was starting middle school. That again required some correction from a professional hair stylist.

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BM has curly hair...i got a loose curl perm once and which is a complete different curl from hers...but i wanted to be sure DH knew I wasn't trying to copy her in case skids said something...i just wanted to do something with my hair since I stopped coloring it.

Thankfully BM would never try to copy me b/c she admires herself.  She doesn't recognize she is a psychiatric hospital dumpster on fire. 

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Lol, just saying I was afraid someone would say that I was trying to copy her. And thats what sucks is I was afraid to do my own thing out of fear of "oh BM does that too" certain home decor items, sadly we have similar tastes so I don't buy the pieces I like b/c I knew she had something nearly identical to it in their former home.

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so her house looks like crayola exploded in it and is one step from an episode of hoarders.  I like my house to be clean and have somewhat of a theme to it.

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She sounds like a total nutter. I'm quite relieved I'm also covered in tats n studs with jet black hair whilst bm is over there trying to be Marilyn Monroe but actually just looking like miss piggy