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This is why I need tequila

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This weekend was interesting. First of all, my mother dyed her hair darker... like mine. Then she bought sunglasses... like mine. Since I've moved back I've noticed that she's beginning to dress like me. God help me. I already look just like her... just darker & younger. Now she wants to be twins. This is why I need tequila. Then I told her I wanted to open a second checking account. She told me that the bank didn't allow that. On what planet?! On hers, where if I don't ask for her opinion, advice or approval, she tries to discourage me from it. This is why I need tequila. She's put on weight in the last few months & I've lost weight. For the first time in my life I'm thinner than her. I think it's driving her crazy. This is why she needs tequila. We planned on going to a flea market. I told her I would just meet her there. Then she proceeded to try to convince me to go to her house then go to the flea market. Why? It hit the wrong nerve & I got pissed. She picked up on it & told me I could do what I wanted. I ended the conversation. Then she called me later to give me permission to do what I was going to do anyway. Where's the stinkin tequila!!

On a positive note, my step dad & I got along great. He gave orders for me to help him with something, then made a point to thank me for it. So I made it a point to say 'you're welcome.' Give the man a beer.


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Hi, don't know your whole situation, but just to say parents can drive you mad! Every time my mother used to open her mouth virtually it would annoy me Smile It's possible your Mum's feeling her age and wishes she was younger.A few of my friend's have children and are desperately trying to look younger/trendier-I think they look great anyway. It could be a coincidence what she is doing, maybe, maybe not.
Hopefully she treats you with respect and you can treat her the same way?!
I'm glad you're getting on even a bit better with your stepdad.
I like the odd tequila myself, it's the hangovers I don't Smile

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Boy do I understand completely! Sounds like my mom.

The weight thing comes with menopause & is demoralizing so be kind!
She loves you & you remind her of what she used to look like.

What I found helpful was not to make ANY announcements about anything. The less she knew the less she opined! I had to be careful around her, real careful. My sister and I would remove any and all mail (lest she sneak a peak), receipts, etc. when she came over. She had the uncanny ability to see an entire landscape puzzle from one little piece.

Enjoy your mom, you won't always have her. And drink a little tequila with her!

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Maybe ( I dont know the whole history) but maybe your mom may regret not spending more time with you were you were younger and this is her way of bonding?? It is hard to see our kids grow up to become good adults I know I want to cling to them so badly..(to keep them from growing up!!)

I have 2 Bss whom I adore, and I know I love spending time with them, but I always ask if I am being TOO MUCH. I will miss them so much when they move up and on, so I try to spend time with them as much as they will let me-

GO and try to have fun with her!!

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I've begun withholding info from her these days. The deal is that she's not only a mom, but tends to be bossy too. I'm bossy as well, so I try to be kind. It normally doesn't bug me, because I usually just nod my head & do what I want to anyway. But when I'm doing something good for myself it really irritates me when she tries to discourage me from it. For the most part we get along really well, but this thing about wanting to be twins... yikes!!! Then she gripes when her mother buys blouses that look just like hers! lol!! She's even said to me "who wants to dress just like their mom?!" Sigh.

I needed a new pair of sunglasses anyway.


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you are a good daughter!
It is funny how some parents say they never want to be like their parents but fall into the trap and never see it.

Get some mirrored ones they are KEWL>>

“You will never be on top of the world
if you try to carry it on your shoulders.”