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Anyone want to hear about my vagina??

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It's smaller than BM's. That is mainly because the entire Eastern continent hasn't plowed through it but nevertheless....
Mine is a small peach. Hers is a middle Eastern Farmers Market.


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^^^ This. I'm going to make a coffee and come right back to my desk to watch the explosion! LOL

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I'll admit you got a chuckle out of me, but I've never understood the point of posting a blog solely to ridicule another member. I had assumed we were all past the mean girls stage of our lives.

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ummmmmm seems I missed a blog that was just recently aimed at me, but got taken down a little bit ago....did I miss someone telling me to kiss their butt????..... Biggrin }:)

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well, I see someone got all butt hurt today....apparently BM isn't the only one you have obsessed about today...I mean, to make not just one, but 2 blogs...wait make that 3 blogs cause you couldn't handle the fact that I pointed out that you are just as vain as BM is.....

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Oh yes. I'm soooo vain because I never wear make up, or care what outfit I'm wearing, love to go barefoot, or care what others think of me. I'm vain because I always put others first before my wants or needs (reason why I enlisted). I'm beyond vain, arnt I.

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Nah. I'm still waiting for the list of reasons why I'm vain other than doing 1 thing in 28 years for my self that makes me happy.

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No, I thought it was funny. We are talking about body parts and I just thought I would throw that in there.

I barely read that other blog, mainly because I already have awesome boobs so it didn't interest me. LOL

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Lighten up. No one was being catty-why are you so paranoid?

It was FUNNY. Have a sense of HUMOR.

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When my oldest daughter was little I was all about trying to teach her the 'proper' names for naughty bits. But she couldn't say vagina so she called it her 'ja-nine-a'.Then she saw a commercial for syrup and got Aunt Jemima and vagina confused so it became her Aunt Janina.

When my 2nd daughter came along she just took to calling it that too. Thats probably not better than vajayjay though. Smile

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Oh dear. Awkward conversations. Like, when your girls tell other adults about this Aunt Janina they're not supposed to talk about in public...

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Now that's funny! Thanks I needed the laugh!!

When my oldest sister was young she couldn't say brassière she called it earbeer. Naturally earbeer became what my parents ending up calling my sisters and my little humps.

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Funny, I posted on the booby blog that I vomited a wee bit, at the thought of even having a clue how big or little BM boobies are. Now I shall full on vomit my lunch and breakfast at the thought of having a clue how big or little BM nasty vajayjay is! Sad

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LOL!!!! I really don't know, but I figure the law of averages means I at least stand a 99% chance of coming out ahead. Smile

I am good for your diet!!!

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YOu want to see my lady junk???? LOL

I leave the selfies to SD. She takes a million a day!!!! WHO TAKES THAT MANY PICTURES OF THEMSELVES????????

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Catty or not it was laugh out loud funny.

At least noone is calling you a hater, that word was thrown around on the "other" blog.

I dont think anyone understands, if you read something and dont like it dont post.

If you right something and think everyone is just gonna give you a free pass when your acting like a typical SM and the saying things that are the very reason we are viewed the way we are, dont expect everyone to agree.

It is very simple folks. Dont read if you cant handle it, and dont post if you cant handle being called out.

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You contradict yourself. Don't write anything unless you have something nice to say. Don't defend yourself if you disagree with the reply. Really that is why I come here. That is also why I do not intend to meet anyone in person from this site.