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all is well and i just can't cope with it.

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Basically psycho bm has been on a level for a few months now. The skids are clean, fed and appear happy. Bm has been letting fdh spend extra time with the skids she finally sent off the divorce so now he's officially divorced (yay!) and basically all is well and as it aught to be. You'd think id be happy and relaxing while i can right!?! But i just can't!! I don't know how to handle all this normality after so many miserable months of heartache and stress!! I can't help but wonder what the hell she's playing at and is this the calm before the storm???


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I have to deal with a psycho, bipolar BM as well. One day she'll be dropping off baked goods at our house and the next day she'll be screaming on the phone about how we don't buy her kids as much stuff as we buy our kids together. I never know how she's going to be and when she is civil for long periods of time I get nervous too. I always think that she is plotting something. And guess what, she always comes back and does something psycho.

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Well i feel strangely reasurred by this, at least it gives me half an idea of what might be in store. I've been with fdh for nearly two years and this is the first time she has been stable for any length of time. I guess time will tell on what is going to kick off next...