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Vent: Baby Talk

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After living with my SO and SD9 for a few years, I've realized just how much I despise baby talk. It makes me want to rip out my ear drums! 

I know the baby talk has been a learned way of communication to get attention...but GEESH! She is almost 10 and still intentionally mispronounces words or speaks in a baby higher pitched voice around SO. When he's not around, she speaks clearly and in a regular voice. 

The worst part is it doesn't negatively impact SO or he doesn't notice it. HOW DO YOU NOT NOTICE??? I have asked him and he just shrugs it off and said I'm nitpicking and it's not a big deal. I guess it's not a big deal but it makes it difficult to converse with her be in earshot of her. The weird thing is SO notices so many annoying behaviors in other children, but not his own. So, he will never try to correct her baby talk! 

She is has some of the most annoying tendencies I have experienced in a child. I work with children for a living and enjoy it but I don't enjoy being around her. 

Maybe I'm being too critical of her because of all of the other issues in our Unblended Step-Hell. I just don't know anymore. Am I becoming the evil-step mother that I said I'd never be? 



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My bfs younger tween daughter baby talks and pretends ignorance/girly dumbness when he's around to get attention. "Daddy, how do I...?" "Daddy, what's this mean?" 

I left it alone for about 7 months to figure out why it bugs me, other than the blatant attention grab from whatever he and I are doing. It finally hit me. Your SO and mine are reinforcing/teaching these daughters to be helpless and dumb to get a man's attention. She's being taught that a harmful stereotype is appropriate behavior and she's not relying on her intrinsic attributes that make her unique and interesting. When he feeds into her purposeful helplessness, he might be robbing the world of an amazing scientist or an engineer that changes the world. 

that's just my take on it.

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OMG yes! You nailed it. My SD12 is super super smart in school and just a very intelligant old soul type of kid.....but around dadeeee she is helpless idiot who can't do a single thing without his help. I kid you not that getting herself a slice of pizza if the cheese is stuck to another piece warrants a scream for daddy to get it for her.......and he does.

She definitely plays dumb and baby -ish but its such an act that needs to come to an end.

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Yes thank you! My SD 10 does this also and I find it extremely annoying because she talks normal to BS8 but around daddee she all the sudden has a high pitch voice and is a toddler! My mother even noticed it with out me

pointing it out to her. And I agree with OKtostep, at that age she would be learning some independence and learning to ask for things normally. I have tomd DH to let SD make her own cereal and let SD entertain herself for a bit. We also have a daughter together who is 7 months old and I have tomd DH in front of SD that out daughter will learn to be a strong independent lady because she doesn't need daddy all the time and it's ok to be grown and do things on your own sometimes . I called her me sweet independent baby in front of SD all the time. My DH will get on my BS8 all the time about " how at his age he was cooking for himself and blah blah" so BS8 does a lot on his own and is very intelligent yet DH can't even let SD make her own cereal and babies her, why ? Because she is a girl??? Uh no sorry I hate double standards and I wouldn't want him to do that to our own daughter

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Exactly! He says things like "when I was his age I did..." but if I say "when I was her age and I did...", he says her upbringing is different than mine was or makes some other lame excuse for her behavior. I don't have blinders on when it comes to my parenting mistakes and my BS16 behavior. He's a good kid but I'm fully aware and try to teach him and correct him. SO is just in denial with SD9. It makes me so frustrated! 


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Yup I'm the same. Do you have SD EOW? It could be guilty dad parenting. I know for me its probably a mix of that and the double standard of boys and girls. We also have a son together who is 3 and he is probably harder on him then he is on his SD and it annoys me. He has gotten better since DD was born but still he holds SD to other standards.

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It seems like you're dealing with it very well! Much better than I have been handling it. 

Yes, she is here every other weekend and overnight every Tues & Thursday. They get a lot of quality time together but she wants all of his undivided attention on her. EVERY. SINGLE. MINUTE. I'm just so tired of the attention-seeking behavior, especially the baby-talk. 

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If I ever baby-talked around my dad he knew it was me joking around.  If I had baby-talked for real he would have completely ignored me until I cut it out.