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DH had to get consent while at the ER with a kid with broken bones

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DH called me at work to tell me that he was at the ER and BM had that she was the custodial parent on SS11 and that meant the hosptial called BM to get permission to treat him.

Hello?? In his parenting plan they BOTH have the right to medical but BM is responsible to pay all of SS11 bills. DH didn't do this to her with the other 2 kids they have.

BM is court ordered primary and she got new insurance at the beginning of the month...DH had to keep asking her for the cards. While he was at the hospital I sent an email to the GAL with the last email we received from BM in the beginning of the month that she was giving him the cards...but didn't. I also told the GAL that DH had to get consent and didn't understand why. The GAL will excuse this yet again. BM is like teflon...nothing sticks to her!! She didn't even visit her son in the hospital. I was there after work...where was she and her devoted husband???

There's a settlement conference in 2 weeks...this situation better be brought up....BM went against the decree about medical attention...but to the lawyers it doesn't mean anything at all!


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That's more than annoying! That's ridiculous. A father should have just as much right to consent to get his own child treated as the mother. UGH I hate hearing sh*t like this. It drives me crazy!

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That must have been very frustrating... especially since that is HIS kid.

I remember one time when I was 18 (before I got married but after I was kicked out), I had an appointment set up at a clinic. I went in by myself, but they would not see me. I was in so much pain, and I begged them to let me see my doctor but they kept saying, "I'm sorry, ma'am, but you need a parent with you."

I told them that I was kicked out!

They didn't care.

I went to the ED and they said the same thing until I told them that I better see a doctor or I will SUE them for refusing me in the ED!!!

They agreed to see me but would have to call my parents if they had to do anything major.

In Nebraska you have to be 19 to be considered an adult, so at the time I was still a minor. I can understand their protocol... but I was in too much pain to be patient with them.

I would definitely bring this up during the conference because it is such a hassel to have to wait for consent... and poor SS11 had to sit there and wait for BM to say okay. What BS.

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Not only is it annoying, it's dangerous. What if they can find BM and SS's life is in danger?

Unfortunately, lawyers here this stuff so often, they don't seem to care.

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the ED HAS to treat the patient. They are not just going to just sit there and watch someone die.

That's why I dropped the Sue Bomb on them cause they didn't know what was causing my pain. Smile

"Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened." Dr. Seuss