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2010 census according to BM

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Ok, so DH sent BM a brief email asking if she is going to mention SD5 in the 2010 CENSUS.

Bm replied back saying, I quote: "I'm not filling out that thing. Thats just another way for the government to control people."

HAHA, just made me laugh!!


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Crap, I still have to fill mine out. *sigh*
"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

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The subject line of this post alone made me *bark* laughter out loud at work…
OH MY GAWD that’s funny…

That’s my t-shirt for today… “2010 census according to BM”!!!

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Oh. My. God. What a dumbass. I mentioned SD - there's a spot where you can mark off that they're there but not full time for Child Custody.

"There are two things over which you have complete dominion, authority, and control over - your mind and your mouth".

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I did too. I am sure Wingnut will also mention her since she is HER daughter even though she is here 22 out of 30 nights.

"A pessimist complains about the wind, an optimist counts on the wind changing, a realist adjusts his sails"

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I didn't count her in the first question but where it asks if there's every anyone else living there, I did then filled her out as person #3.

"There are two things over which you have complete dominion, authority, and control over - your mind and your mouth".

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i didn't include skids at all..... they don't live here and never will if i can help it...

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haha thats sad. I didnt include skid either, but she is only here EOWE.

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I included skids because they're here over 2/3 of the time, but I'm sure BM will include them also because they're her kids - kind how she looks at taxes too and I can't wait til the IRS brings the smackdown on her ass for that, teeheehee. She'll probably have to sell one of her other baby daddy's kids to make that right.

SOOOOOOOO maybe, if we have all of these NC BM's claiming kids that don't live with them it will even out for the dumbass BM's like Gia's.

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I agree w/the BM...I didn't get one and that's a good thing...where we are at 3 families live here...two forms were received...DH's mom gave us a form and I told her to give it to the other people...there was no name on the form...