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The Ann Files

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It's been quiet lately where my friend Ann is concerned, which is why I haven't written about her. (I also had a few days off of work, and work is pretty much the only place I hang around here on ST!)

Anyway, I'm really not sure if Ann is delusional, or if her situation is really a lot different from what most of us here are dealing with. I was talking with her last night, and she said she met BM for the second time over the weekend, again on the soccer field. Apparently, Ann and BM spent the whole time (two games' worth of time- no thanks) chatting like they were BFFs. Apparently, BM told Ann how happy she is that Ann is in her kids' lives, how much her daughter Mary talks about "being super close" with Ann and how she, BM, is glad about that.

Later, when they were at Hot Tom's house, Hot Tom said he thought BM was sincere. She's a "super authentic" person and couldn't lie about something like that. (OK, this is the woman who totally attacks Hot Tom on a regular basis about how he's a "deadbeat dad" even though he has 50/50 custody.) Hot Tom attributes it to a cultural difference. BM was raised in a different country, in a wealthy family, by a succession of nannies. Hot Tom seems to think that BM sees Ann as the nanny, helping to raise the kids. That's normal to her. If BM knows a "nanny" is helping to raise her kids, she can return to her country without her kids guilt-free.

Ann says she feels sorry for BM, with her entire family in another country.

I don't know- either Ann and Hot Tom are spot on, or everyone in this situation is completely delusional. I hope for everyone's sake, her situation id totally different from what the rest of us deal with. It seems too good to be true, but then again, Ann is one of those people that the sun shines on- she has always gotten everything she wants, always has things go completely her way. (The bitch- LOL!)

Oh, and Ann continues to gush profusely about these amazing, special, extraordinarily talented kids of "hers." Especially that little Mary- she's so "spunky" and "outspoken." I think she sees Mary as a challenge- if she can deal with all the attitude this little witch can dish out, she "wins." Everything in Ann's world is about winning.


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That's what I was thinking too. A nanny, to be at BM and HT's becken call whenever they need something for those special children.

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Bahahaha......And in 6 months Ann will be a regular poster on this. Telling us how she went into her relationship with ho Tom having Brady Bunch type delusions and now BM is nuts and Tom won't set boundaries! I am being generous, giving her 6 months.

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Ann, Hot Tom, and BM are still in the polite mode, which is obvious by Ann's reference to Sailor Talk Mary as "spunky" and "outspoken".

BM is "super authentic" and just loves how Mary talks about Ann and how close they are? Okay.

Perhaps HT and BM are in cahoots to wrangle Ann in and raise their kids for them. Sounds like they are doing a pretty good job.

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And here's the thing- Ann is OKAY with being seen as a nanny! At least, that's what she says now. I certainly wouldn't be, but hey, whatever. "As long as BM doesn't cause me trouble, I'm okay with being seen as a nanny." Ann's words.

Like someone said, give it a few months.

Ann was telling me how over the weekend, Hot Tom was asleep on the couch while she did the kids' laundry and had them clean their rooms, like that's a good thing! :jawdrop:

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I don't even do my stepdaughters laundry haha it gets washed, dried, and put into her dresser by her - whether or not it's folded, I don't care lol

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Right? (Well, apparently it IS, but it's only been 3 1/2 months. Once the dickmatization fades, let's see who's doing laundry.)

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Nope. From what I've heard, she'd never take those kids. She's not interested in being a parent. Neither is he, IMO. Guess that's why they need Ann!

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I'd have been out of there the minute he described her as "an authentic" person! As opposed to what? Yikes I hate that term.

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My BM is an 'authentic person' authentic poor-mouthing, perpetual victim, money-grubbing, chaos-inducing, lazy person. But she does her...I'll give her that all day long.

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Oh, Ann... Maybe when this all blows up in her face she and my Stockholm sister can get a place together. Wink