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OT kind of/Facebook pictures

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My DH was adopted at 9 months. It was a closed adoption as the bio grandmother was racist and did want her daughter (DH's Bio Mom) having a baby with a man of a different race. Bio mom was a minor still apparently. DH has been looking for his family off/on over the years but kept hitting dead ends.

FF: OSD28 (who has been estranged from DH/me for several years) did a 23 and me test and turns out that her dna matched 95% with his possible sister. The story from the Bio dad lines up with the story from my in-laws for the most part and apparently bio dad "had no control over the decision to give DH up for adoption". OSD has been sitting on this information and has been in contact with the BD and sisters. She decided to inform DH of these people and oh have a clean slate with DH. Eye roll... No apology's for her behaviors just basically all should be forgiven and they move on with this new family.

In the process of OSD talking to these people, before telling DH about them she was going on my Facebook stealing my pictures, cropping me out and sending the pics to the "sisters" so they can compare DH to them, BD and first cousins. That kind of pissed me off because she despises me but she's on my Facebook stealing my pics. She could have her own if she wasn't so busy sulking and mad at him every time we visit, she can take her own damn pictures of her Dad.

So now we have all been in contact and they have taken the dna test and mailed it in but we have not gotten the results. The sisters are texting DH everyday and are already calling him "bro" and reaching out to me calling me "sis". They have friended us all on FB and DH have given them permission to reach out to our oldest BK's. Now they are always on my Facebook taking my pictures, cropping me and our kids out and sending DH collage's with his supposed relatives saying how much he looks like them. I find it all kind of rude. I mean if they want to use my pictures why not ask permission or not crop us, his family out?? They do seem pretty nice but the oldest sister (younger than DH) is already showing signs of possessiveness towards DH (calling all the time and telling him she's that sister that will beat people up over him). I mean get the test back first good grief.

My question is, is there a way to stop someone from accessing your pictures without permission on Facebook?


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Thanks Tog for the link. I'm not sure I want to go as far as blocking them because I don't want to set a negative tone. I thought there was way they would have to ask for permission through FB before they can just save my pics. I guess if they didn't crop me and have the audacity to send it to my DH without knowing for sure if he's their brother  just turned me off a little. Sorta like "yeah yeah this your wife picture but we don't want her in this collage we're making  with you and our family"... I just have to get used to two other women I don't know obsessing over my DH until things simmer down a little.

One of the sisters told my DH that OSD sent her some pictures, this was before they friended me. Which were pictures from my Facebook profile that she had no other way to get because I never sent them to OSD. Than once I accepted their (sisters) request, they were able to see all of my uploads and more pictures started being sent to DH in a collage with them and other possible relatives without me and/or our BK's that had been cropped.