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Here comes Father's Day again

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But I know both of his kids will ignore him as usual this year so I've reserved a nice 4 day weekend at the beach. We leave Friday morning and return Monday night. I'm sure he'll get his usual short "happy fathers day" text but I'm sure the pain will be lessened with a nice drink in his hand laying on the beach. He has to be hurt deep down that we have not seen nor heard from either kid since Christmas. His son never even thanked us for his birthday gift and we had to ask his sister if he even got it (mailed). I am so thankful that these two spoiled brats are finally showing DH who they really are.


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I've booked a Father's Day culinary class for him and his fellow co-worker who is also a pissed on biodad (although smart enough not to date and just continue sucking up to his ex-wife/BM)

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Good for you!!!!

My FIL is completely ignored by all of his daughters. My husband is the only one that still talks to him and spends time with him but he is gone with Military stuff a lot. On Father's day all my SIL call up BM (MIL) and their step dad (great guy) to tell them happy fathers day...WHAT??? The youngest SIL I have will get on all her social media sites and say happy fathers day to her step dad and talk crap about her real dad. I feel so sorry for him sometimes because MIL had an affair and MIL left him and MIL got a new house and tore the whole family apart but she's "cool" and my FIL is kinda nerdy so they just blow him off?

Now every year for Father's day he comes with my husband and me to celebrate with my family when we wish my granddad (my childrens great grandfather) a happy fathers day and have a big cookout at my uncles house. It's a great time and it's awesome because my SILs think they are "sticking it to him" by not wanting to be with him and yes he is completely awkward and random while at the cookout but I know it means a lot to him to be there with his son. It makes him not care that his daughters treat him that way.

You guys have fun and don't forget your sunscreen!!