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Drac0's Inferno Part I

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Some of you were asking why I chose to go with VR for these blog posts. Since I had no laptop with me on this trip, and I needed a quick and discrete way to take notes of the events on this trip, VR was my best option. I got the idea to do so when someone on STalk suggested I keep a journal of my trip so I can post it on here later. I did not, at any time, make recordings of anyone else other than myself. Although I probably should have recorded my FIL (read on and you’ll see why).

Also, for those of you who may be itching to give me advice of what I should (or shouldn’t) have done, allow me to save you some time and energy. I am putting this all behind me. The chances of me spending family vacation with my in-laws and my SIL’s kids again are the same as me landing on Mars. I bow down to those of you who warned me that one should never go on a vacation with in-laws. You were right, you were right, you were SOOOOO right. I owe you a crate of Cuban cigars….

*I am whispering*

Ok….Saturday August 17. We finally arrived at my in-laws safe and sound. I am currently in my brother-in-law’s bedroom. DW had to go to the bank.

Gosh, I don’t even know where to begin.

The whole idea of coming here early was to go to this festival that is in town but the weather is pretty crappy. It’s raining and it’s kind of cold. This is the first summer in a long while where I had to wear a sweater.

FIL and Doug (that’s my wife’s sister’s husband) surprised me by taking me to the local pub. It was quite nice. We had a few beers, got a little tipsy and headed back to my in-law’s place where we all sat around the table, drank some more and chit-chatted amongst ourselves.

By 11pm, I decided to turn in. DW stayed up with her folks to continue to chit-chat. I don’t exactly know what was being said, as I was passing in and out of consciousness, but their conversation started getting louder and louder. Next thing you know I am hearing shouting. Somehow, the incident that happened over Skype last week came up.


I’m passing in and out of consciousness. I don’t really know what was being said, but DW got VERY upset. She yelled “I’m going home!” And she ran out to the car – I dunno, I guess to cry by herself?

I don’t know why my in-laws are being such dicks about this. They are refusing to apologize for the comments they made about DW over Skype when they thought the Skype session was closed.

Refer to here for Skype incident:

So…apologies are not forthcoming, DW is upset, and I’m passed out.

And suddenly, FIL barges into the room where I was sleeping, wakes me up and starts talking to me. But considering the state I was in, I only vaguely remember what was going on. I am barely conscious.

And when I finally woke up and was fully conscious the following morning, all I could think was ‘Did I just dream all of this?’

So I confronted him. I asked him if he barged in on me while I was sleeping and he said yes.

* pause*

He started saying he was concerned and that I need to “talk some sense” into her…

Honestly, I don’t know what he is expecting of me. I mean, he’s my father-in-law. I am following DW’s lead at this point, so whatever she wants to do, I will follow. What I really want to do is rap MIL and FIL upside the head and say “Just. Fucking. APOLOGIZE! It’s TWO words; I’m. Sorry.”

Hopefully this incident will blow over…just like our pre departure fiasco seems to have blown over.

I better stop talking, because I don’t know if I am being heard and I am trying to keep these entries brief. Till next time.

August 17th, 11pm. Addendum.

There has been two additional snags on this journey. And we are not even at the campsite yet!

The first snag had to do with the kid’s soap bottle. It busted and we now have liquid soap all over our luggage. It’s not a big deal, I mean soap doesn’t stain or anything, but everything needs to be washed. The second snag is…DW’s nephews and niece all have lice.

Yeah. Fun times!

I decided to truncate the remainder of this blog post as it was just an explanation as to how we planned to keep BS and BD away from their demonic lice-ridden cousins and DW and I debating whether or not we should run into town to get the lice shampoo kit. SS asked us "what is lice". I didn't answer him. I just went on my phone, googled it, found a picture and showed him. He freaked out! He immediately asked MIL if he could take a shower. Thankfully BS and BD didn't contract anything (and they were all playing together in the afternoon). We kept close tabs on them though but I swear, anytime one of them went to scractch their heads I jumped.


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If you had ever met my SIL's children, the mere mention of spending more than 2 hours with them would have sent anyone home! LOL!

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After I showed him the picture and explained what they are, he was really, honest-to-God genuinely scared...And I am saying this not to make fun of him. Because I was scared for my kids, him....well all of us actually. Lice doesn't discriminate.

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You know what?...I was going to, but got pulled away by one of my kids who had to use the bathroom!

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Why would that shock you. I think it's fabulous that he's never had it and didn't know what it was. Not many kids could say that at his age.

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SS asked us "what is lice".
This is where your SS acts JUST like my SS. SS used to ask stupid stuff like that all the time. It was just to get attention. It drove me crazy. I started giving him wrong answers after a while just to see what he would do. lol

16YO SS...Is a snake a reptile?
SS....Huh? Really? it is an arachnid. it not...its a reptile.

It took me a little while to figure out that he was full of crap. Just like your SS and the fireworks. SS did a lot of stuff like that too. And he was either just trying to get attention or he was doing something shady.

And yes...I don't think I told you, but I was thinking that you should not go on vaca with the inlaws!! I know its a little late, but at least now you know. lol

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After I showed him the picture and explained what they are, he was really, honest-to-God genuinely scared...
I think he has you snowed.

He is 15...I bet he has been checked for lice at least a dozen times in school. They tell you all the time in school to not share hats or combs ect due to lice.

I bet some of his friends have had lice. I would bet money that he knows what lice are. He was just wanting attention and he got it. He got you to show him what they were and then he got to act all paranoid.

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Possibly. I mean you are right, the schools do check, but knowing my SS the way I do, he was probably told once about lice but then summarily forgot about them.

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Once again you are right Vick...But this was DW's call to make, not mine. She was contemplating on cancelling the trip, but she really wanted all the children to have a wonderful camping trip like she did in her youth.

Alas, that did not happen either.

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Yes, but only in the far future...Our vacation days are spent, BS starts kindergarten in two weeks, etc, so if there is a camping trip for us in the future, it will indeed just be me, DW and our two bios...SS can come too, but he is going to have to sleep in his own tent...

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To be fair, so far at least it's the company that's been horrific, not the camping itself. Although there may yet be blog posts about bears and such, we'll see! Wink

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I hate it when people want to go backwards and relive their youth.

My sister does this and it's never going to happen, especially once you're grown and you have a dysfunctional family.

Hopefully your W has figured out she has to make new memories with you and all of the kids.

And seriously....her parents aren't going to apologize because they don't feel they did anything wrong. Any apology from them will not be sincere. She should probably start putting some distance between her and her parents.

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Chevy Chase was with us! He was in the guise of my FIL...I actually made a comment to that effect in one of my VR sessions...