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I don't want SD in my maternity pictures.

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Lol. She's not even here. Seriously.
But DH and I are getting maternity pictures today.
The photographer suggested a shot with his shirt off because I'll be taking some belly picture shots.
Butttttttt I said no and suggested otherwise. I didn't specify why because I didn't want to hurt DH's feelings.
So instead I came up with a different idea and pushed everyone's attention to something else.

Anyway, my reason was because DH has SD's first and middle name tattooed on his chest. So even though she isn't even here, I feel like she's still be invading the pictures with her name being shown.

Egh :/

When LO gets here I'll have SD involved in some baby pictures. But I don't want her in my maternity pics.


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Lol. It's not that I hate it.
We are big tattoo people. Actually he got that tattoo like a month into our relationship. But we were still fresh so I didn't voice my opinion.
It looks good. He has a lot of other tattoos. I'm more like "where the hell are you going to fit our new child's name?"

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Maybe he can stand behind her, with his hands on her belly. Thus maintaining the connection but not having that tattoo showing at all.

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I agree. I like the skin pictures. It's about the dad's too.
If he's behind me, it won't show. So we may do that.

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My ex has a tattoo on his back that is a tribal combination of waves, mountains, sun and 3 turtles. The large turtle on is me, the other two turtles are our children. I always wonder what he told his girlfriend about that tat.

Did he lie about it or tell the truth?

Well, at least it was not my name. lol

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After the way he treated you the other night, it's hard to believe you allowed husband in the pictures. :?

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lol. DH and I are still working through things and scheduled an appointment with a marriage councelor.
Again as I mentioned, up and leaving is not an easy decision for me. Or at least I am not ready yet. Being pregnant doesn't make the decision any easier.
We had today scheduled months ago and I didn't want to regret DH not being involved or in any of the pictures. I made sure to have plenty of pictures by myself but there were still some for us.

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It's kinda weird because you would think that, but honestly, I'm not ever looking at it in the heat of passion. I forget that it's there. And I don't see it often because it's on his chest which is covered often by a shirt.