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DH turning polite SS into an ingrate?

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Last night DH bought dinner and made it for SS and me. When SS got up to get his food, he thanked DH for it. DH said that he didn't have to thank him and that it was his job to feed SS.

Am I wrong in thinking that this kid should thank him for everything? DH works hard to provide for SS and spends a great deal of money on him. I think SS should thank him everyday. My parents told me I should thank them when they make or buy dinner for me. What was DH thinking? Of course he should be thanked, right?!

Incidentally, when I thanked him, he just told me "you're welcome."


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Of course. I always do. But I did make a special point of it to see what he would say. He accepted my thank you without comment.

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It's weird he made a point of saying that in your presence. I would be thinking, okay DH, you may think it's your job, but I hope you're not saying that as a passive way of implying it's my job too.

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I don't think he even realized that I heard. I'm pretty sure that he doesn't hang on to any delusions that I may ever take on a parent role with his son. I make it fairly obvious that I'm disengaged, which is why I kept my mouth shut when he said it.

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OMG, I've had this exact convo with SO and he reasoning is completely out of whack.

And he wonders why SD15 treats and speaks with so much disrespect to him. Is it no wonder that because you don't expect your child to treat you with respect by doing something as little as thanking you for a meal, that the child completely disrespects you in other ways?

Duh, freakin duh.