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Ex-wife from Hell.

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I do not know if anyone has a more horrible ex-wife than my husband. This woman is extremely narcissistic. She cares only of herself and has excessive admiration or love of herself. She is a habitual liar and a user of people for her self-gain. She is also a thief and cheater. She has been married five times and has three children by three of her ex-husbands. The only reason she wanted children is to have a source of income (child support). She threw away her first child (who is now 31)to her first ex-husband to raise, because she was too busy running around with other men. She threw away another child by her 4th ex-husband (who is now 17) and he failed the 8th grade 3 times and now has dropped out of school, been in trouble with the law and takes drugs. Her 4th ex-husband has him now. The woman does not know how take care of children! She is a non-mother! My husband has a 11 year old daughter by her and he gets her every other weekend and sometimes a day or two during the week. My husbnd's ex-wife and I do not like each other due to the fact I call her out on her lies, her deceitfulness and her manipultive ways. She is a habitual cheater. She has cheated on all five of her husbands. My husband was her 5th and she cheated on him with the guy who lived next door! She has bankrupt all 5 of husbands and even kept stealing money from them. My step-daughter see's her mother go from boyfriend to boyfriend. (I call it the revolving door syndrome). MY step-daughter gets no attention from her mother, no medical attention when she is sick and certainly no motherly affection. I try to do my best to give my step-daughter what she is missing from her mother. But she, my step-daughter loves her mother and wants continue to live with her. We, meaning my husband and I are hoping when she gets around 12 or 13, she may decide to come live with us. We have contact an attorney to see if we can prove her unfit and get full custody, but she, the ex-wife is legally not doing anthing against the law, morally yes, legally no, according to the attorney. I believe the evil ex-wife is an unfit mother when her daughter has to sleep sleep on her new boyfriend's couch, stays up late during a school week, not caring about her school work, having her new boyfriend take her to school late. And most of all not taking her to the doctor when is very sick and needs medical attention. I do not know about anyone else but that sounds like an unfit mother to me! This woman should have never had kids to begin with! She only thinks of herself and no one else. Again, I state that her daughter is her only source of income by the child support she gets from my husband. She never uses the child support for her daughter. The evil witch uses soley on herself. She has not worked in 5 years and she feels she can live off her ex-husbands instead of getting a job. By the way she is no spring chicken! She is 54 years old and her looks and body are going downhill fast. She is a big drinker and partier and loves to spend alot of money on herself. I try to talk to the evil woman, but it is like talking to the walls. She thinks she knows everything and everyone else is stupid! You really cannot deal with this kind of person. She is not rational and lives in a fantasy world. She does not know truths from lies. This evil woman drags my huband's daughter to live from one boyfriend's house to another. My husband's daughter only see's stability through me and my husband. We hope one day my step-daughter will realize what an awful life she has with her mother and come to live with me and her daddy. This would be a wonderful blessing!

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Well, it sounds like much of this information was known to your DH when he married and bred with her. If she "threw away" the first two kids, by the time #5 rolled around, he should have realized what a "winner" she was.
I think he kinda asked for this sad situation.
My question is, why did you get involved with him? Yikes, seems like a disaster.

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The prize for being the worst BM goes to yours...definately! Unless anyone else knows differently? (issues challenge...with a grin)

BM here has had four men, three of them married her but DH would NOT! (boy am I happy about that!) The eldest daughter is to one man, she robbed him blind, the second two kids are to another man and he was robbed blind too. DH is the father of the younger two (twins) and they came to us at age 11 but it's a to and fro thing that has STOPPED now they are 18. The poor sucker who married her recently, she divorced him too, and is a poorer man now!
She used the kids' social security numbers to take out lines of credit, always about money, The kids are bankrupt before they even start managing their own monies! She has had numerous cosmetic surgeries.
Four of her five children want nothing whatsoever to do with her, each time they gave her a chance she blew it.
SD, 18, is living over there now, using her mother the way that other folks were used. It's wrong, I disagree with it but the girl is 18 and she's made her choice. No more revolving door here!
Apples and oranges with DH's elder son's mother, her and I get along and her entire family come visit with us.
DH refused to marry BM because he knew the history and he was only there for the sake of the kids really. DH's best friend was going out with BM's best friend so they made up a foursome...then BM got pregnant! I have heard the stories from other family members who saw it all happening.
We were invited to the oldest girl's wedding and as soon as the twins saw us arriving they almost knocked people out of the way to come and get hugs from us, we just stood there in a group hug for ages. Then SD, then 10, grabbed me and whirled me arpimd the hall to introduce me to people. Sweet kids, until puberty hit them! That's a whole other story though.

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All stepkids love their Biomoms. Even if they are a POS. Document everthing. The more you have the better.

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Omg... Is her name Donna???

The only difference between your story and my XH's XW is that their oldest is 28.

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This could have been written about my XSM, seriously! Is her name Meri? Oh wait, sorry, she had 4 kids, not 3.

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This sounds exactly like our BM also!!! She is 'so beautiful' she could not be expected to be with someone as 'average' as my DH???!!! Thanks BM!! :evil: