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O/T - Job Upgrade!

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What's with all the good news about jobs?!

I was just told by my Associate Director that I likely have the job I applied for, that the directors need to meet with my likely-to-be new supervisor and I already have a meeting with HR set up for next week. I also know now which office would be mine.
It'll be within the same department, a new group (just two of us).

This is like a job I would have created for myself if I could, training others to do it and (hopefully) keeping a piece of my current job so I can stay on top of what's going on in "the pits" so to speak.

And it will contain a raise (I can negotiate) and more flexible work hours.


Non-Work goodness:

DP finally got frustrated with dealing with SD10's lunches. So now she has to empty her containers if there's leftovers AND he told her this morning SHE needs to start washing out her thermos. He also finally took care of the clean laundry I moved to his office, he moved back to the laundry room, I moved BACK to his office...

I made sure SD10 (almost 10) spoke directly to DP about her birthday party, because HE has to plan it. I agreed to make my special pancakes for their breakfast and to make a giant chocolate chip cookie instead of cake but DP has to do everything else.

DP was annoyed this morning with not finding the tops to the food containers.
"Oh, I know DP. I'm planning on going through them this weekend."
More grumbling...
"You know that there's a bedroom full of s*!t downstairs and I suspect some lids may be there. But we don't know that do we? That maybe, again, someone is disrespecting everyone else in the house. Have a good day, I love you."

AND I won't see SDs for 10 days! They are going to HI with BM for just over a week.
Yeah, they have such a rough life....

It's going to be a good month!


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I know, we just don't know how to communicate effectively or get things done do we? }:)

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Oh, the spare room is the office.
Which is mainly DP's space, or the guest room if we have guests coming over.
None of the SDs stuff is in there, they are not allowed in there w/out permission (after DP found some of HIS things gone).

I don't use it at all, it's up to DP to manage, which is why I dumped the clean laundry in there. Not my space, not my problem. His laundry was done with theirs so that cinched the deal.
If it had been only SDs, I would have left the pile outside their rooms.

He did that laundry quick once he found it back in the office!
Words don't always work with him (he'll nod and say "uh-huh, ok, I'll get it done) but real physical facts DO. I'm learning this about him really quick.

And heck no, that raise will go to paying off my CC quick and for some fun house decorating I want to do!