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O/T: Toxic Job

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I posted a few weeks ago about my toxic job. As background, I loved my job until last Fall. I thought I was going to stay there for years. I had a great relationship with my manager, had a great relationship with my team, and felt content in the day-to-day. Well, I was "promoted" last September. I use air quotes because it was only a $1,500 raise, but double the workload was added to my plate. I didn't want this promotion, but couldn't I turn it down without losing my job. It was a "company restructuring effort."

During this promotion, I was transferred to a different team under a different manager. Needless to say, I hate my new manager. She is never available when urgent support is needed, constantly pawns off her work on us, and is incredibly rude/caddy. Yesterday, I was in a 1 on 1 meeting with our director and our director mentioned that she feels "cut off" from the lower management team, because there is "radio silence" from us. I laughed, because me and my fellow managers have shared tons of process deficiencies and issues with our manager over the past few weeks, all of which we know she is not escalating. I politely and professionally told our director that information is being shared with our direct manager, but clearly the direct manager isn't escalating it upward to our director (I believe out of fear of having some of her work redistributed back to her) which is why she has been experiencing "radio silence" from us. She seemed irritated and said she was meeting with our manager today and wanted to address it. 

This morning, our direct manager sends an email, asking for feedback on barriers impacting the issues I brought up yesterday, prior to her meeting today. I spent 45 minutes spelling out all of the issues, including numbers and data, and making sure it was professional but firm. I got a text from a colleague who was in the office today, who said my direct manager and the director spent 3 hours, on what should have been a process improvement meeting, laughing and gossiping, getting absolutely nothing done. I am so irritated that I put myself out there to my director, risking myself with my caddy manager, to express the issues, only for the director to not take it seriously and my manager to continue to get away with doing nothing. I also got my 3rd job application rejection letter this week. All I want is to get out of this crap company. 


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You story sounds símilar to mine

I got promoted into a leadership position (higher pay and some perks but more stress) then after busy season, I was forced to switch projects and managers and .... surprise, surprise - the new manager was a complete tw@tty imbecile plus the new project turned out to be one step away from true corporate sl@very!


The itchB was not available to offer support and when she was she was being an overly critical corporate bully. 

I tried to find some positive in this but that heifer right there and the disgruntled entitled clients made me want to scream. 

The good thing is you already have sent out apps and resumes for positions you think may be more suitable. Keep applying and keeping your eye open to any suitable opportunities. Good luck to you Smile

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3 rejection letters is at least communication.  I received zero communication for 90+% of the applications I made from June 2023 until Feb 2024.  I submitted ...... drum roll......... 241 applications.   I keep a job tracking spreadsheet and that is the count on applications submitted.Out of that I received less than 50 email rejections. Mostly I heard nothing. I had over 100 telephone interviews, just less than 40 Zoom/Teams interviews, and 3 in person interviews.  Two of those were fly outs.  I was the #2 finalist for two of the roles I interviewed with in person.  Both of those were fly out opportuntities that they went with local candidates for.  Relocating a Director level new hire is spendy.  So, no joy for me on those opportunities. The role I ended up with is local, a pre IPO start up at nearly a 40% pay cut from my  historic income levels though with a huge upside in pre IPO equities.  If I can contribute to getting the company to a successful IPO, it will be most beneficial to our retirement resource picture.

I suggest that you consider the perspective that they are paying you to look for your next role.  Do that while you are on salary and when the golden opportunity arrises, leave with joy in your heart and go for it.

I am continuing to apply and interview. I have had two telephone interviews since I accepted the new role a month ago.  I have no intention of leaving, but .... if the proverbial offer I cannot refuse arrises.....


During the semiconductore industry implosion in the early 00s I arrived at the epiphany that while employers spout on about loyalty, etc... That loyalty only holds based on the needs of the business.   As such, I will be as loyal as financial and growth opportunities warrant.

It is a core truth that it is far easier to find a job when you have one than it is to find one when you don't.  Searching while earning a whole income is far less stressful than searchign when on unemployment after a RIF, etc....

I am sorry your employer has proven to be less than honorable and no longer the place  you want to be.

Take care of you.  

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Keep trying to get another job!  Just keep at it!  I've been in crazy jobs before with managers who don't know what they are doing and I get it. Keep your head down at this point since you know your complaints won't work and get out of there when you can.