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OT most frustrating job experience ever!

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And I haven't even started yet...and won't be as I told them to poke it!

This company offered me the job on the 9th of June. Since then I have basically had to assist the manager at doing a small portion of her job. So far, this is what has happened:

- I provided her with two job references. She emailed me herself confirming that she has these job references.

- One week later, she asks me to follow up on obtaining one of the job references. I had to forward her own email and said you already have both of my job references.

- She emails back basically oops so sorry, she has 15 other people to follow up on job references and can't keep up. She has lost mine and will go find it (!!)

- Emails me again saying she has found it. (Good job bumblehead, let me give you a gold star)

- Finally notices that I don't have 3 years of job references in this country so I need a personal letter of reference. In her words, this letter only needs to have a signature on it.

- Sends a letter containing exactly that. Emails me back saying the letter also needs to contain the person's contact details as well. (Keep in mind she's now read this letter and knows who it's from).

- Send off letter containing signature and contact details. Emails me back saying the letter cannot be from a family member. Might've been helpful to tell me that the FIRST time you read the letter.

- I send a letter of reference that is NOT a family member, contains a lovely signature and contact details.

- She emails me a week ago CONFIRMING she has received personal letter of reference and that head office confirmed the letter is acceptable to use. Lovely.

- She emails me this morning asking "How's it going in obtaining that personal letter of reference I still need from you?"


- I email her back saying you have the letter. I sent it days ago. You confirmed to me in an email saying you have the letter and it also contains the email from head office saying the letter is acceptable.

I told her that if this is a prelude of things to come, I am no longer interested in taking this job and thank you very much but get stuffed. THEN she emails me back giving me another load of excuses how following up for references on 20 future employees is so hard but she promises this is not how things normally operate and I could start tomorrow if I still wanted to.

Darlin' I would have to be desperate and starving before starting with your nightmare circus. If you can't keep up with chasing 20 future employees, you aren't keeping up with the existing employees...or much else I would imagine.

I have never experienced anything so utterly ridiculous in the 25 years I've been working!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaand breathe...


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It's not worth it. There are plenty of other jobs I could take that are much closer to home. I had an interview yesterday and have another interview on Thursday.

I am not stepping into that nightmare no way no how!

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Yes, she would...she is everyone's manager. It's a small place and she runs the show. Scary thought!

I read employee reviews about this company and there are horrible reviews from all over the country. I think I'll just pass on this one.

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Exactly my thoughts! I have found so many complaints for this company...including them never getting wages right. Pass.

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I don't blame you one bit for turning that job down. Who would want to work with someone like that? Not I!

My experience with a job interview a couple of months ago:

Manager: Well, we already have one middle aged woman working here and she can actually keep up with the rest of us. (She said it as if she was surprised that a woman in her 40's could actually still work)
Me: Crickets

WOW, I'm in my later 40's, look several years younger (so I'm told) and can run circles around many half my age. I'm not dead or decrepit.

I was a victim of ageism that day from someone the same age as my daughter.

Needless to say, I didn't hear back from her and I didn't bother to inquire....

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Oh dear, I just turned 40 last year. I'm on the downward spiral!

:jawdrop: Honestly people are just so ignorant sometimes, it's just baffling. I can also still run circles around younger people as they tend to have not so great work ethics.

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I think you made the right call. Sounds like she can't figure out what she's doing and she'd probably just start blaming you for "losing" everything she needs if you worked there. Extremely poor form, also, to be telling you "Well, I'm trying to keep track of 20 applicants for the position" who the hell does that? I've never, ever told someone that! Sure, they know they're in the running...but, damn, I don't even get all that info from THAT many people. I whittle the field down before asking for reference letters!

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It's a care home for people with dementia. So she's referring to all sorts of positions, the bulk of them probably carers. There's usually a high turn-over for that job as it pays minimum wage for long hours of wiping old people's bums and cleaning up after them. I mean someone has to do it but I don't think I could.

So she also eluded to the fact that they must have super high staff turn-over if she's trying to get 20 new people in the door. Major red flags everywhere!!!

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:jawdrop: :jawdrop: :jawdrop:

that's what step-stools are for. what a royal jack@$$. glad you ended up w/ better.

the only time i ever got passed over for a job was in favor of a pregnant lady. bleeding heart organization, and he felt bad for her cuz no one else would hire her. nice decision on his part in the morals department, but really not such good business sense - they have high turnover. next place i went was where i am currently, and still am 15 years later. and i love my job.