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I think he's finally starting to get it

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FH is beginning to see BM's manipulation without me having to say anything lately, okay well he saw it yesterday, but it's still a start, lol.

BM has been difficult lately, we had a month or so of peace, no text messages, phone calls, or issues during pick up/drop off, then BOOM crazy is back (see previous blogs). Yesterday FH gets a text from SS10 that he wants to spend the weekend with us so he can be there for his dad's birthday party. We have 50/50 custody and it's BM's weekend. FH has adult children and then SS10, we planned an adult birthday party for FH with his adult children and some friends for the weekend we don't have SS, SS will be with us for FH's actual birthday and have made plans to celebrate then. The get together this weekend isn't big, we are going to BBQ, have some drinks, and I bought The Voting Game, and Cards Against Humanity.

FH calls SS to talk to him and tell him that this is his mom's weekend and we will celebrate on his actual birthday. During the phone call FH finds out that BM has plans this weekend and SS is going to his grandmothers, FH tells him to have fun, and he will see him in a few days. 10 minutes later he gets another text from SS saying BM said it was okay to come to our house instead of grandmas.

FH calls BM and tells her to stop manipulating SS, and that it isn't SS's choice or her choice whether he comes over this weekend - BM tries to make FH feel guilty by saying that he is a horrible father for denying his son time, and he almost gives in (she knows how to make him feel guilty) then the next words out of her mouth are how she is being a courteous parent and since SS can't be with her she is offering her time to FH. FH quickly remembers that all last week (except the days he was with us) BM had a "job" house sitting and her mom was at her house watching the kids, so she wasn't with him all last week, but never once "offered her time" to FH. He quickly realizes that BM is trying to sabotage and or get information about the party and his adult children. He asks her why she didn't offer up her time last week, she gets defensive and starts yelling and calling names, FH hangs up.


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Good for your FH, you already have plans and he's sticking to it...... and he's keeping to CO with visitation.

YEs BM only offered him time to through a spanner in the works.... now it's not working.

I will reward that man's socks off his feet