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Toxic Troll is getting Lei'd after all...(part 3)

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I have whiplash from all this back and forth, but Dh informed me last night that Toxic Troll was flying to Hawai'i, and had sent Munchkin SD13 photos of herself in the plane during take-off. She knows how to unknowingly stick the finger in the sore spot for kiddo thats for sure. Last time TT went on a trip, she also sent Munchkin photos of her good times, and SD shared with me it was hurtful, because her mother never takes her anywhere, and why wouldnt she want to take her on a trip? Shes also been to Pismo beach and gotten tshirts for skids. Because of course while there, she was thinking of them.

So - the story NOW goes that TT has a "friend" that she used to "go out with' (ie do the horozontal mambo with) and HE has a place on Maui for 21 days, and she is staying with him as long as she could get her own plane ticket. I peeked on social media. It never ends well for me when I do this, but shes posting about her "12 days in paradise" and "gettin drunk on the plane". Misspellin on purpose.

And Dh post-dated a child support check. If he owes he owes, is what he is figuring. Cant refuse to give it to her because she is going to use it as pocket money on a skid-free vacation to a tropical paradise.

Munchkin was very quiet when I asked her about the schedule change because Hawai'i was back on the plate.

But, hey - good news! Job review went well and I got a nice little raise plus now getting annual pension.

Biggrin Vacation(s) will happen in good time for us.




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I wonder who she did the horizontal mambo with to get the plane ticket.

Does the due date for the CS fall during the time she will be gone?

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LOL! I know, right? She does "side gigs" cleaning, but is unable to work because of her "head injury" as part of her ongoing claim, but I wonder what she had to "clean"???

Its due  the 1st. So, he is technically "late" by now.

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LOLOLOL   Have not heard that phrase since Coke came in glass bottles.......    :)  In other words, we are both gettin' a bit long in the tooth, girl!

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purple-headed yogurt slinger

noun: a penis.

Sample sentence: You purple-headed yogurt slingers are always clueless about sex, yet you have the biggest slingers God has seen!


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He pays when he gets his second paycheck. She wants her FEB CS.

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I feel bad for Munchkin. Parents are entitled to kid-free vacations, of course. But to NEVER take your kid anywhere while taking multiple vacations yourself? That's shitty. Even when my skids have been annoying, I've still gotten so much joy out of sharing travel experiences with them and DD.

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Have always taken us on super awesome vacations with them (as a child). Ive been to Hawai'i several times, Mexico, Canada, Europe and a few different states including Luisiana, Oregon, and Washington, to name a few.

My husband has always been the worker bee, and has never been on a vacation in his entire life. BUT he has been on "trips". He went on a weeklong fishing trip with his buddies, and we have done weekend trips here and there in our home state. Nothing luxurious.

If I had more money I would take us to some extremely cool locations. The world is an incredible place.

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Something about our generation.

Miss Ginger,  I guess you would call me from the baby boomer time frame. . Back when I was a kid our parents went on trips. without us. I have recently located stacks of postcards from Italy, France, Algiers, Barcelona and Madrid sent to us. WOW what a great find. That is what parents did during my generation. We didn't question what they did. Totally different from today.

When I was in my very early 20's, after my parents divorced, my dad would spend his winters in Mexico. Again without us. Sending post cards.. Us kids would never dare ask why we didn't go along nor did we invite ourselves.

 Our trips with parents were to the shore most of the summer.  The generation after boomers,  Gen x?? begin the kids deserve the trophy era. Kids had to be included in everything, cars bought for them at 15, 16. Total kid centered at all costs. I do mean at all cost.  

I know you feel differently.

Just wanted to give you an idea how things were when I was growing up. Parents, if they were able traveled without their kids. No one called them crappy parents and kids were not taking away from from the parents either, being called neglectful.

 Parenting was very separate, kids were kids, and parents were parents. Pecking order was very pronounced. Glad I grew up during the boomer times. Smile


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Unless I were wealthy, I would not be taking Munchkin. Angel shes not my kid and (b) I want to be slathered with attention, not be all about the kid and THEIR entertainment.

Im just pissed because its Toxic Troll, and why does she get to go and I do not.