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SD20 is looking for new digs

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Because mommy dearest Toxic Troll is moving within a few weeks. Luckily its an apartment that is close by, but just a little further away.

FEral Forger actually, during drop off of Munchkin SD13, was there and said hello, and gave her dad a hug. Then TT said "she is looking for a new place", and Feral Forger has the nerve to ask daddy dearest "can I move to your place?"

Yeah, over my dead body will that be occurring.

DH said that it was a total no, but he said that he offered gmas place. You know, where the accused pervert lives, the one who refuses to ever speak to her or OF her.

So  -Shes looking for a new space to foul up with her funky self. Any takers?


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I volunteer the 'Ho House. SD23 moved out in February and BioHo is STILL trying to get her to move back home. 'Ho's dream would be all of her children living under her roof. Along with their children. Significant Others and spouses are optional. 

So. Feral Forger could fill that gap.

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They can share girlie toys. Smoke out. Drink drinks

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But she needs a good teacher...

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I'm inclined to believe that 'Ho will drink whatever FF cannot. AND razz FF for not being able to keep up...

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Sorry but can you refresh my memory as to who the accused pervert is and who won't speak of who?  I tried to read but you have several years worth of blogs.  Also, thank dawg your DH had the brains and spine to say no.

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The accused "pervert" is my husbands older brother who is taking care of gma full time. Fereal Forger has accused many people of many things, but this guy she said "wanted to see her shower", ie she was stinking, he told her she needs a shower, and then after she took care of her 97 yo gma, he took her shopping and she said that he "wanted her to try on bikinis that were too small for her" (shes a double D) amd then, supposedly he pushed her into his room, to look at some decorations - those glow in the dark stars.

When I asked DH and Munchkin SD13, they both said that uncle wasnt doing/saying ANY of that. Munchkin said he showed HER the same decor. Also keeping in mind he was born in another country and is ESL, so things he says are "broken" english".

Uncle and Feral Forger got into a HUGE argument because he saw her at an event holding hands with a dude. And she never ever had boyfriends prior growing up, so - in a large family news travels super fast - he mentioned it, and it got around. Feral Forger yelled at him, she called him names and cussed him out pretty badly. So, thats why he doesnt ever want to speak of her, even in passing. And hes a really nice guy, who takes care of his geriatric mother pretty much all week long.

While realizing that if a woman accuses someone of sexualy harassing them as a minor, we need to be ready to believe them, no matter how beloved the person, taking into account how much she has lied over the years, all of her multitudes of false accusations, plus asking munchkin sd13 if she at all feels uncomfortable in any way with this person, Ive decided Feral Forger is FOS - full of sh!t.

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5.5 years.

And that was just ONE of Feral Forgers accusations. Shes accused me of abusing her (I yelled at her through her bedroom door), DH of abusing her (they would BOTH scream at each other, in the mornings...before school), accused me of abusing munchkin sd13 (I was discussing things with M, she got upset when I tried to explain that "the kids dont come first", the relationship comes first, kids are first responsibility...relationship needs to be strong to kids are secure...she cried because she was told kids always come know the drill...) and munchkin denies ever accusing me abusing her.

Just crazy stuff.

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Shes way to lazy to get a passport - she doesnt even have her drivers license (why when theres always uber...and lyft)

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Well, I am kidding, anyway. I mean, it is true and you can buy a home that is in disrepair for cheap BUT you have to renovate it.