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Love Bubble Bursting

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The aftermath.

So, in all honesty it wasnt that bad. And it was really sweet, and beautiful and the couple is truly lovely and in love.

Husband and I did a few shots of whiskey while there before things started. A few more were had during the day. Drama with Feral Forger (for me) never materialised.

I dressed and paid special attention to look elegant and classic. A long velvet black tank dress, with 4 ropes of pearls of varying lengths. Straightened my hair a bit to smooth the frizz. wore a funky hat. My mortocycle boots. It was not too hot, it was just right. The large number of guests ensured that there were no run ins unless you wanted them, and FF has assured both Sd PS and husband that I was to be disregarded. She kept to her word.

Not a big deal, really, as there were all kinds of really nice, interesting, sweet folks to get to know. We laughed, ate and danced. There were a few hiccuphs. Sweet heart Niece is going through some stuff, she did not show. I might have said too much to a new probable  fiance when she asked "should my feelings be hurt that they all want to take pictures of just them (The Family) and not me...ahem 8 years of cult of family and Im used to not being in pictures (because no DNA samples dropped from my body)" She sees how things are and is being ahem, encouraged to have a baby. Anyone that has a baby to add to the pile is welcomed enthusiastically. Im a sideliner.

I still have fun, and now am a veteran of these gatherings. I make my own way, certainly.

SD17 Powersulk seemed to be having a good time and shes being very pleasant to me, I keep myself cautious and polite and that is the extent of things. She is now on "friendly" terms with me due to a new argument with Feral Forger SD24. Seems during the reception, she caught a ride with female cousines who are sisters and fairly joined at the hip, and very friendly with Feral Forger. She told me they were extolling the virtues of sisterhood and the sibling bond, and I guess her eyes rolled too far towards the back of her head and it all came out. She told them her sister is a liar, has lied about everything (?) that her father and I never abused her sister, all the thngs they were told are lies...

Well I guess they went straight to Feral Forger and now there is some "bad blood".

I just said "well, they will believe what they want to believe, dont get your hopes up."

The wedding ceremony was officiated and the vows were sweet and loving. The bride is a combination of Indian, Scottish and Mexican, melding nicely with the Filipino Grooms side. I loved her Indian Wedding attire with its cream, coral, yellow and peach. The scottish kilt touches. And of course the DJ dancing into the night.

We shall see if there is any residual fallout. Im taking a rest day from work today and will just keep myself to myself.


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DW was a bride's "matron" while we were in Morocco.  It was a multi act wedding where the bride and groom changed several times. One act was traditional Moroccan wedding attire, one was Moroccan tribal attire, one the bride wore Spanish bridal attire, and one was traditional US wedding attire. The Groom attended University in the US.  

The groom is Moroccan.  The bride is bi-cultural. Her father is Moroccan, and her mother is Spanish. Her parents met in university in Spain.  The bride and her brother were raisedin Morocco.  The bride attended university and law school in Spain. Very cool wedding.

That the bride and groom in the wedding you just attended legimately bring those cultural elements (Indian, Filipino, etc.,,,) their wedding and marriage is a wonderful thing.

Unlike my college BFF's wedding where the wedding celebrated "the bride's Irish heritage".  Though that bride would not know something Irish if it bit her in the ass.  My BFF was mortified by the supposed Irish slant to his wedding. But, happy bride, happy life.... from his perspective. But... that is another story. 

As for PS plying the facts with the Siamese twin sisters regarding FF's lies, well played PS.  Funny how facts drive action.

No doubt that FF is all kinds of pissed off that her ass is bared for her lies.


I am so glad you were proud, radiant, and enjoyed yourself.

Now, let it all simmer and take care of you CLove.

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