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Rant and Steplife win with mixed (up) results

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So, the darn bass guitar FINALLY arrived safe and sound with much fan fare and mail tracking involved. Luckily it had nothing to do with me and never will. Not that I opposed to bass guitars, just that we have a rocker kiddo across the street and bass guitars need amplifyers. And it was SUPPOSED to be a cheap $20 flute.

But Munchkin SD14, in true kiddo fashion took that $20 offer to "parlay" it into a $90 purchase that she found on Amazon.

So  - my rant is that this bass guitar was never cleared with either DH nor myself, and I was not happy about it. Ukeleles and violins are one thing, and Munchkin is very good with each, and has a pleasant singing voice to boot. Bass guitar with amps is another.

My win is that Dh got on the phone with Toxic Troll, while they were discussing the post office not delivering and instead leaving a "pick up" slip. He told her in no uncertain terms that the flute turned into a bass and he was not consulted, it "just happened" (note: these things that "just happen" always happen at HER house. Decisions and plans are made and we dont get consulted). He told her "that bass is staying with you are your place, its not coming here" Oh so sexy. Rawr. I think DH is starting to understand that buying things for munchkin here and there isnt the same anymore - he supports her at our house...and pays support to the other house. Extras can be bought there. Of course little things here and there. But he was thinking she needed another complete bed set bunk with desk for $300. Im like, no we cannot afford it and Im not paying for a want-not-need, so it would be on you totally. win win win.

My other rant is that Munchkin and Toxic Troll came by yesterday, because TT needs "her support" check because she only has 10 dollars in her account. What happened to that 5k you were supposed to get, which is why you are bugging DH about our car, like is it for sale? Not to YOU toxic Troll.

My win is when they came by, I was the one putting the $20 dollars for what was supposed to be a flute. He stood by his assertion that "no, I promised $20, and paid child support so no additonal monies will be handed over towards the $90 bass." So Toxic Troll and Munchkin made a special trip to get that $20, and she rolled up just as I was putting it in the mailbox. She actually had to GET OUT of her car and get it herself.
Plus Ive lost 14 lbs and felt good in my bikini bottom and tank top. She likes to poke fun at my body in a negative, there you go, my petty little win.

Another little rant - Tweedle dum, her ex boyfriend-slash-puppy dog came by for no reason other than he wanted to share with us his recent successes. He recently got a job, and with his monies bought a used mercedes. And hes got a side business detailing and just wanted to say "hi". Apparently he got into drugs (meth is likely) and went to jail, and is now living in a veterans administration housing, looking for an apartment. Still in love with toxic Troll. my win...

We had recieved something for toxic Troll from the social security administration. I did not want any further interaction or her coming to my home that day, so I popped that sucker into his eager hands. He was dropping by her place after...



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You get so involved in this drama.   You must come to terms with DH that he can not just hand over any time Muskin or TT wants something.   You were not asked about the bass Guitar. And it's needs a big amplifier, because it's a bass.  Like 12 to 15 speakers.  What going to cost more then $90.  Every time she plays it thing will be jumping in the house.

Bass stays at TT.  As Muskin gets older she will get more needy.  Maybe a drum set is next ? 


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She jumps from thing to thing so much. And then finds a reason its "not right". She needed a replacement violin right after buying the first one.

My big thing is she does nothing to earn it. NOTHING. She is so lazy.

Yes, I try to gently get that point across...and next its going to be ...something even bigger and more expensive.

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The story with Toxic Troll and HER BIG PAYOUT is always changing. Shes always been like this, you just never know what is the truth, and what is NOT TRUTH with her.

I spoke with my SIL about this once. She will speak 5 paragraphs and ctradict everything said in the first two at least twice. Shes always bending the truth to be what she wants it to be, to suit her purposes.

Im thinking this is the sort of thing where they are paying in small chunks???

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I hope Munchkin at least gets a bed out of it.  But if they are stopping by to pick up $20, doesnt sound likely.  Back to the beanbag for you, Munchkin.

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If the bass ever does make it way to your home, don't forget that the good thing about electronic instruments is the ability to use headphones so the rest of the house doesn't have to be disturbed....

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How long has munchkin gone without a bed?? Her getting a bass shouldn't even be an option.. a bed should be!